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  1. one thing I have learnt with epoxy putty is the best tool to use for gap filling with it is the humble tooth pick. Pointy tip for getting it into the gap, and then the long end of the point for smoothing it over the joint. A little bit of water on a cotton bud can clean up the edges to cut down on sanding.
  2. I have two airbrushes - an H&S Evo and a fengda something cheap. Vellejo model air clogged in both without fail. Tamiya acrylics worked fine with the tamiya thinners and a drop of tamiya retarder. But... Tamiya lacquers are a joy to use even in the cheap fengda. going to try some mr. colour lacquer at some stage. Don't be discouraged - its the paint, not the brush or you. On the up side, if you are painting 1/72 lead figures, the modelair is brilliant when being brushed on
  3. I feel your pain. I have a H&S evolution and a fengda something that came as a combo with the compressor. i have used vellejo and tamiya acrylics and found each is ok, but its taken 18 months to get used to it. I had a very bad run with the vellejo metalics about 6 weeks ago in the h&S and the fengda. long story short - i decided to give tamiya lacquers a go. I will never go back now, the paints go on smooth, they cure hard and they are a joy to use. the reason I avoided the. was because i thought cleanup would be messy but it isn't. i have a space in the garage so I can open up, wear a mask and shoot some acetone through and it cleans it perfectly.
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