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  1. Absolutely superb! The base is amazing!
  2. They actually got promoted after the second mistake to prevent a third!
  3. AugustaWiffliand are calling this the AW191 Kite (apparently there was a typo in admin!)
  4. Oh yes and in the stash! a secret drawing leaked from AugustaWiffland
  5. AugustaWiffland are not planning folding rotors for this aircraft thankfully.
  6. Those are good points Rob and I'm sure Sikorsky overcame them when they decided to add an extra blade and a third engine to make the CH-53E Super Stallion out of the 6 blade/2 engine Sea Stallion. Having questioned AugustaWiffland on the subject they're happy with their solution of slowing the rotor speed down by 5rpm as they found the original speed created more vibration and noise than expected. Although this means a loss in lift the MTOW is still acceptable as they new achieving the same characteristics as a Mi-26 was never going to happen. At the end of the day they main goal has been to increase external payload.
  7. The problem then is making new blades that face in the opposite direction, but an idea I did consider before performing rotor head surgery. plus the new rotor head is for my 'nine blade nonsense' in the Whatif section.
  8. Have no fear Aeronut! Here is a brief backstory... During talks between AugustaWiffland and the Indian Airforce as to the sale of VVIP Merlins, they were asked if there was any plans for something bigger as the Mil Mi-26's weren't getting any younger and with the production line at Mil busy working on existing orders and the Mi-46 project currently stalled they were looking for an alternative. This got AugustaWiffland considering the chance to improve the external payload capacity if they reworked the engines, gearbox and rotor. So after a couple of days RR were able to commit to the project with a new engine, the RR6K, built under licence by the japanese firm Istabitsa and with the designers working on weight distibution it was found that on paper the following figures were achieved; Empty Weight : 12600kg MTOW : 32560kg And all inside the current footprint of a standard AW101! but with a slight loss of internal payload space due to internal strengthening of the whole structure.... So now I shall start feeding my merlin kit some serious steriods!
  9. please ignore my previous post as this will be having four engines
  10. Decided to save the fourth engine idea for some nine blade nonsense! Well what do you do with a spare fuselage and nine blades when you have got to make a new rotor head? Plus I would like to keep this one realistic.
  11. Hmmm...a gazelle..? I was actually thinking merlin but...
  12. Is this too many blades?
  13. Seems like the general concencus says Peregrine is getting a fourth engine then? back to work then!
  14. I have decided that with a six blade rotor, two radars and a possible four engines, I shall call this helo 'Peregrine'. I must say a big thank you to all who have contributed so far.
  15. I am a civvy who is easily confused about the difference between the blue kestrel radar and the searchwater AEW radar and the pictures of the prototype AEW merlin show both radars fitted, so who knows eh? As for the fourth engine I would replace the top engine with two parallel engines
  16. No! I'm not that good! This is my first model in years. As I said at the beginning I am supposed to be just collecting at the moment and getting ready to build but couldn't resist starting this one as my WHIF machine seems to be stuck in top gear. I even thought about adding a fourth engine. Any thoughts on the two radars? It looks alright to me...
  17. A little bit of progress. Going for a six blade rotor. <a href="http://s1108.photobucket.com/user/dadofthree74/media/Mobile%20Uploads/WP_000971_zpsx9oqnxb9.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h414/dadofthree74/Mobile%20Uploads/WP_000971_zpsx9oqnxb9.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo WP_000971_zpsx9oqnxb9.jpg"/></a>
  18. I've gone mad! inspired by others...spot the difference?
  19. I am well aware of the winning design Ex-FAAWAFU, but I am not a fan of the horrid (IMHO) asymmetry of such a layout. My 'whif' Merlin AEW will be based on the idea of what do you do with an ex-RAF Merlin that the Marines don't need as a junglie? Please note that I am open advice/ideas from any ex-RNAS members out there.
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