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  1. After priming and painting skeleton I started to detailing the leg skeleton parts. I know most of it won't appear but I love detailing
  2. I cant undersand bandai sometimes. This kits price is almost 120 dollar. But bandai put stickers shame on you bandai, shame on you I hneed to buy waterslide decals for my 120 dollars perfect grade kit. and look at the plastic quality... need sanding and putyy...
  3. Hi Folks, Aile Strike is my fav. Gundam. I'n not a huge Seed series fan but Aile Strike look always fantastic to me. I've buil the mg version before. Now its the time to start the beast
  4. By the way first time i will try paint some figures for this kit. This is my first brush painting experience please be gentle to me
  5. ok, painting and chippings done. I'm not totally satisfied the tone of green but that's life May be after dot filter its gonna be better then now
  6. Almost ready, I'm not sure which rifle is the best choice, what do you think guys?
  7. After another a long break i started a new kit That is my favorite Gundam Series The 08th MS Team star Gundam Ez8. That how it looks when you finish it oob. But i think when you make a ground type mecha, don't paint it to white I will try some camo painting and adding may be a custom weapon I started first coat painting afterthat some masking with my assistant!
  8. Thanks guys I added the wings, now we need some weapons. After that i can start to the sanding and priming sessions
  9. I'ma huge Gundam 08th Ms Team fan. But i always think something is missing in Ball design. Because all 08th Ms Team Anime is so realistic, so military and ground type based but Ball looks always to spacey Let's see what can i do for this lovely orange boy
  10. My last build... Bandai Patlabor Hope you like it
  11. Almost done. i think i will add some pigments and some matt varnish and done...
  12. Ok, i started with wash, i'm really big fan of flory model washes... they are very easy to use and verys easy to clean. I'm just waiting the drying of the wash...
  13. Yep, next step will be weathering. I'm not sure what kind of weathering styles needs for this kit, may be little chipping, little rust and little wash. I thint these are enough for this little guy.
  14. wow just wow. And realy thanks for the extra extra detailed explanations...
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