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  1. Yeah, this really got my goat at the time to be honest. I actually abandoned my dual 917K when I completely lost the build thread. It just demotivated the hell out of me. Well that and the epoxy resin, paints and glues were unfortunately giving me terrible eczema on my hands. I'll get back to it one day though. I have some time off at the moment after a seriously busy year, I might get around to putting the finished 956 build pics back up. ;)
  2. Sadly I used photobucket to host my later builds so the pictures are now all gone
  3. Damn you photobucket. This thread and my other build threads are pretty much gone now!! Sorry bout the lack of updates though, I'm just mad busy at present.
  4. Lovely work mate. Same as you though, it's just been too hot in my loft studio to anything lately.
  5. Sorry about the lack of updates, one I've been busy and two it's been too hot and humid up in my loft studio to do anything and the pipe has split on my aircon so it's literally cooling the central space and heating the eves which is not something I want to happen. There's a new aircon duct pipe on it's way to me so I should be back up and running soon. I did mange to get a look at some weathering on the MGH over the last couple of days and this afternoon though. Great that this thing is clear-coated, you just wash it off and start again. Note: Was it OK to
  6. It seems to be an issue with Photobucket at present. I'll check back later.
  7. OK, just a very small update as I've been working, but rear axle and suspension are fitted to the Fujimi. Annoyingly I found out in a test fit that the wheels do not fit over the top of the brakes with the calipers on so they've had to come off which kind of makes the brake upgrades a little pointless to be honest. Taking the calipers off has also left some glue residue on the disks and warped the left hand disk a little too. I'll start building up the rest of the rear next week then probably move to the MFH rear for a bit. Anyway I'm
  8. For a first build that's great mate. Some nice detailing going on there. Modelling is a learning curve, the skills you've learned from this build you can apply to the next and so on.
  9. More small Fujimi detailing today. Complete rear brake assembly. Some driveshaft detailing Made a start on the rear shocks. The Molotow markers are now full of Mr Metal paint and are working brilliantly. The scratched front radiator is complete. Cross bar connection plates for the fuel filters. And the Martini/Gulf 956 hybrid weathering test bodywork has been sprayed ( from this day forward to be known as the MGH. Catc
  10. Brake discs on the Fujimi today. They were primed yesterday. Then sprayed alclad dark aluminium and weathered with a black oil wash. Calipers Then the discs assembled on my bottle top jig Like little flying saucers And a test fitting with the calipers Also made a start on scratching the tiny wooden resistors ( 0.3mm wire over plasticard ) I'll trim them and paint. Some bodywork priming Now I'm
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