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  1. Dear Ka-Efka we absolutely agree. Do you notice the in the forum we do not have any major complaint on the shape after our Mirage 2000 series ? Like Mirage III, F-5, Harrier, Hornet, AMX, Kfir .. ? We spend quite a lot of effort in confirming the basic shape. The time cost involved even more than fancy slide mold tooling. Normally the shape validation stage takes 6 months to 12 months before we go into details. That what we out our resources into.
  2. Dear Foxmulder, As a modeller we can see it is good to provide the one pc missile option. Eduard is resin offering, and aftermarket supply is different from plastic kit injection. We heard some voice to provide super detail option in plastic form in order to provide better value for the modeller. One pc missile is something similar to ind link track link in AFV market. The new question is those option require cost and production capacity to deliver. If the percentage of customer is not large enough to pay the price then large number of consumer have to pay something th
  3. That exactly describe our concern. In Su-33 projects, we examine the cost. The tooling itself is not a problem. The problem is he labor cost involved. Recently a lot of new kit focus on one piece missile slogan. We study in detail whether we follow the same route to change all missile to this approach. But seems we can only implement on certain high detail multi axis detail on the fin type missile. And those missile design not good for high volume production (for our US missile sprue we produced more than 500,000 shots so far) if we need to make a o
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