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  1. Interested in an (hopefully) accurate 737. Doesn't matter to me either way, flaps or not. I completely understand where you're coming from, Skoda, my last Zvezda experience was a disaster. I just want a 737 with a nice cockpit! Looks like UTair livery, hope the decal quality is better than past Zvezda releases. Drew
  2. I see them now, my mistake for freaking out a bit (I was disappointed because I couldn't see your beautiful build). Back on topic, looks beautiful as always, those Hasegawa kits are amazing works, aren't they? Looks great! Drew
  3. good and bad news I guess :/ Thanks for responding
  4. I don't know if I'm the only one, but the pictures won't load... I'm quite disappointed at the moment because I was so excited to see two more of you great builds... Pictures on most other threads are loading normally. Any help in seeing them please?
  5. I'm really looking forward to the roll out! As with the carpet, sorry, I got no clue Drew
  6. Another amazing model, Ray. Absolutely stunning! I'm interested on your in-depth comments on the Revell kit? I've heard the engines are a bit wrong and it sits funny (I see that on the side of the United boxing, looks like it's trying to pick up a coin off the ground!). What did you do to improve your kit involving those areas? Thanks, your's looks wonderful! Drew
  7. Beautiful as always! Looks amazing. Can't wait to see another one! Drew
  8. 1/144, are you sure?? Looks too real!! Are you sure you didn't mix it up with their 1/72 kit ? Just looking my Airfix kit, it's unbelievable you've made something so tiny so life-like. Amazing!!!!
  9. Love seeing this coming together. Looks beautiful already!!
  10. quick update: settled into new house, sorting through boxes to find supplies, got some superglue from the crafts store. Also, I just received a notification that Kurt has more 757's in stock, so if you're interested in building a 757 (and I highly recommend Kurt's kit, if you are) you should head over to his website authentic-airliners.de. Don't know about when building will resume, but should be done for the GB. All for now Drew
  11. Prop liners opens up quite a few options. Amodel has released quite a large line of Russian civil transport props (An-8, -10, -24 to name a few). There's an Airfix 1/72 Fokker f27 that I built a while ago and it's a rather charming build with a lot of aftermarket choices. F-RSIN does all sorts of props, like the ATR 72, embraer brasilia, Martin 202, dornier 328 (also in the jet variant), and the vickers viscount, to name a few. I assume you have some experience with resin so F-RSIN kits shouldn't be much trouble. Revell released a 1/72 Twin Otter (DHC-6) that can be made up into a fine model. RusAir also has released several Tupolev/Antonov props, but they are also in resin. Italeri has an ATR 42, but I haven't heard many "rave reviews", it seems to be "just another kit". You might also want to take a look at Welsh Models, as they have many propliners. These are just a small handful of what there is to build. Hope you find the right kit for you and enjoy building it! Drew
  12. Just a quick question on the quality of the pictures? I was thinking it could be the place where I take pictures of the models I finish. Looks ok? Drew
  13. I'd be more than happy! I just got mine today and it is nothing more than previous offers. Mine, of course, has the "incorrect" (no windows) fuselage. I'll be uploading an album with pictures of the instructions shortly and will link them here once I do that. I took quite a few pictures... This is how it should look when you first open the box. Comparison of the kit fuselage halves to the Airfix E-3D Sentry (exact same moulds) The scribing is even throughout (not one piece is deeper or shallower than the other), and they seem to be to scale. The kit comes with a full cockpit interior, though basic. The landing gear bays are correct in dimensions but lack detail. I really, really like the windscreen, other than the fact that it cuts off right at the bottom of the windows (should be a minor inconvenience). Cockpit includes bulkhead, four chairs, and basic yoke. The landing gear could use some scratch detailing, or you might get metal sets, on eBay for about $17. Still includes transparencies for all windows. I will only be using them for the exits. The decals are massive (quarter for scale). Mine were a bit crinkled and creased, but no worries, I don't plan on doing Air France or BOAC. All in all, it's a great re-release of an amazing kit that you don't have to troll eBay for and pay outrageous prices. It's up with the Doyusha/Nitto/Entex 707 in accuracy, though the 1/100 kit is much more "interactive". I would recommend this kit to any 707 lover, or any civil aviation modeller in general. Even if you don't find yourself building civies this could easily remade into a freighter or military variant. I'm so happy Heller made it to the release day, considering what they've been through the past decade or so. Let's hope they start releasing more and more! Drew
  14. Off topic real quick, but would dumping a whole kit into acetone or using that debonder work? I have a BAe 146 that's all built up, but lacks any paint. Back on track.... sorry about your woes with the super glue. Keep at it, I'm really interested in seeing another civie from you . Drew
  15. Enjoy your newest arrival! I'm having problems with my order too, this time from eBay. Me, having the same problem as you (moving soon, don't want it sent to the wrong state) requested a month delay on shipping, in both English and translated into French. I then get a notification three days later that it has shipped, but the seller said he delayed shipping. I'm so confused by this! Not only that, but my leave-date to head out to my new town is set for tomorrow and the buyers of my house are making it very difficult for that to happen, which may cause a delay in my move, which could cause the kit to arrive to an empty house. What a nightmare!!
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