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  1. Hi, sorry to revive old thread. Do you guys strictly spray it on metals, or can you spray it on metal parts already attached to plastics? Does it stick to plastic as good as their regular primer? Thanks a lot
  2. Last month I stumbled upon a 1/20 scale Willys Jeep from Finemolds (with Girls und Panzer decal) on sale and went on to buy it. The kit is a bit different from their previous slat grille, this time they add the stamped sheet grille in addition to the slat grille. Most probably I won't use the whole-body decals and build some other version, probably a British one from what's available in the box (they have a British scheme on their previous release but it's based on the slat grille). I know the famous Jeeps British used were the LRDG/SAS units but in this 1/20 scale I haven't found any aftermarket parts except Finemolds' own photoetch set. Do you guys have any references/walkarounds of basic/stock Willys (with stamped grille) used by British military? My search on internet only results in one-sided views (probably from regional setting). Thank you in advance,
  3. Me three! Although I opt for Vespa in that scale. Or 1/24 since it looks more like a flying motorcycle.
  4. These arrived last month from Mandarake (top 2) and a local seller (the VW): and these arrived last week from HLJ: Most of them are not really sci-fi though, but none of them are real world subject (yet) so I guess it's suits this thread
  5. O, M, G! I might have to kiss my savings goodbye, paying ransoms to Koto, for those girls...
  6. That title 'big 1/16' got me 'misled'. Good job!
  7. I'm surprised the front part (engine covers and others) also need so much mods. I was thinking of similar feat but I'll ask myself more whether I have the necessary skills.
  8. I might be really tempted if they include Charlotte, I mean, Chuck Yeager's scheme as seen on previous page.
  9. They have made the Evangelion VTOL before, if you count that as true aircraft. Unfortunately that 1/144 scale may not be satisfying for me, also I prefer Nosferatu instead
  10. CMIIW... Gundam franchise is a intellectual property of Sunrise (an entertainment company), with Bandai as one of their license holder for various product (toys and kits), which means Bandai has been granted rights to design and manufacture products based on Sunrise's design. Same thing applies with their Star Wars kits (with Disney-Lucasfilm). Sunrise provides media, and Bandai provides products based on it, a supposedly perfect money-milking scheme. Except.... Some 3rd party companies produce kits that are based on Sunrise's design without permissions and royalties, which many loyalists shout 'bootlegs!' They are thought to be taking advantage of Gundam enthusiasts' knowledge of a particular product that has not been produced by Bandai. The same applies with some kits which are considered improved products with richer details than Bandai. 3rd party resin full-kits or dress-up kits generally do not receive many attacks from loyalists since they generally do not compete on same market, but the plastic kits are always in full debate. Note that in effort to lessen the dependence to copyrighted products/designs, some of 3rd companies produced their original line of kits, but without media to promote and publicize the products, marketing sense dictates that such efforts hold little point. Like many here, I don't enforce the idea that Bandai is above everything else, but I stopped buying 3rd parties after personal experiences in building those kits. The costs vs efforts does not balance out for me.
  11. Most modern Macross kits have 1 or 2 pilot figures in them, so manufacturers describes them in 1/72 or 1/48 is not wrong, IMO. Personally I prefer Hasegawa Valkyrie kits in 1/72 for their variety, robustness, and detail. From online reviews, Bandai 1/72 kits are transformable (which are more toy-like, and make them more prone to breakage), also the parts are less sharp compared to Hasegawas which is more suited to aircraft modelers IMO.
  12. FA Girls product page For their model kits, look for the items labelled as 'plastic models'. They are articulated and come with prepainted face parts. If you want to get your hands on them (pun really intended), try contacting your local pimp, I mean, shop which have experiences in japanese niche stuffs, or try japanese online pi-, I mean, shop. I have good experiences with HobbyLink Japan and Hobby Search, however other Japanese online shop generally have good reviews too
  13. Arrived yesterday For now it/she will be resting on the shelf, though. I haven't even finished its/her siblings/sisters.
  14. Maybe next time I come by... Right now I'm not specifically looking for it all around the world, whether online or offline. Did you mean... you saw it, then buy it, Mr. Ray?
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