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  1. Hey,


    I would be really interested in seeing your Vallejo - Alclad comparison but the images are gone. Is there any chance you could re-upload them, please?


    Thanks a lot!


    1. Texan76


      With the photo bucket fiasco, I am unable to post them to this site. I apologize.

    2. armored76


      Thanks for getting back to me on this!


      I can upload the images to my Flickr account in case that would help. 




  2. I started reading up on this issue. There seems to be a huge backlash on how Photobucket handled this rollout. Instead of doing all these petitions, etc., I would encourage everyone to go and use a competitors service and refuse to return to Photobucket. They would really feel the pain of their action then. I would use someone else and refuse to return to them even if they rescind the new policy.
  3. I have an idea. Instead of relying on a third party photo site, why can't Britmodeller just fix the forums where we can copy and paste a photo into the thread itself? I always found the linking from Photobucket to be a pain anyway.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I used a dust wash to weather the spare track, as I figured that it shouldn't rust in a very dry climate such as the desert. At least that was my thought.
  5. What a great looking model! I bet the masking for that scheme was a pain!
  6. Finally got this one finished. This was a very nice kit, wonderful detail, but with some fit issues along the way. Despite that, everything else went fairly smooth, minus numerous errors in the instructions. This kit is by far the best Mig-29 out there. I'd recommend this to modelers with some experience, not beginners. Everything was out of box, minus a metal pitot tube and aftermarket decals from Linden Hill. I used Akan paints, which were absolutely wonderful. Enjoy.
  7. I'm down to the last bits now. I should have it posted in ready for inspection tonight or tomorrow.
  8. I have the Vallejo 71.121 in a paint set I just bought, but have yet to use it. It seems to be the right color though. In the past, I have used Model Master Acrylic for that color. Here is an A-4 I did in Light Gull Gray using Model Master.
  9. Got the missiles on the pylons, landing gear attached, and panel line wash complete. After drying overnight, I will put on a matte coat in preparation for final weathering and assembly. Getting close to the end of the line.
  10. Other than an Abrams I built for a friend, and wargame tanks, this is my first serious effort at an armor build. I heard good things abound the new tool Dragon Pz IV Ausf D, so I decided to give it a try. Plus, I'm interested in the Afrika Korps, so I found a decal sheet on eBay for DAK vehicles. This kit is superb. Perfect fit and a minimal part count. The detail is very nice for the scale. The only issue I came across was when it came to decal time, I found that the decal reference subject differed in some ways than the kit, even though the subject of the decals was also a Ausf D. The most noticeable difference is in the absence of the box on the back of the turret. I was too far into it at that point to stop, so I just slapped on the decals and went. I'm not a Panzer expert, so I don't know which is wrong, the decal reference or the kit. So, there's a possibility that this is not 100% historically accurate. Despite that, I enjoyed the build. I used Ammo Mig washable Sand over a Panzer Grey primer to achieve the worn paint look. I weathered with enamels, oils, and pigments. Any constructive criticism is welcome. I'm new to the armor category and am eager to learn.
  11. Got the stencils on the pylons, missiles, and fuel tank. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of decals for the Archer missile pylons. GWH only printed enough for two. So I did two with decals on one side, and put the opposite side decals on the other two. Tomorrow I will start the task of the airframe stencils.
  12. Got the main decals on from the aftermarket sheet. Now time for all those dang stencils. Not looking forward to that.
  13. All the colors are on. I'm going to let it dry overnight, then spray a coat of Future tomorrow in preparation for decals.
  14. This kit is far superior to the Academy kit. Despite a few fit issues, this kit is easily the best Mig-29 available. I recommend this for intermediate to experienced modelers. As far as accuracy, I am not a Mig expert, but it sure looks like a Mig-29 to me.
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