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  1. Stunning build as usual, and an excellent insight into the history of the vessel. I alway look forward to seeing your work.
  2. Looking good sir! Interested to find out more regarding the balsa in-fill? I've not tried that before... Cheers, Spud
  3. Looking forward to following this, Mr. Foxy! Liking your progress so far and looking forwards to getting several hints from your build. Who is the manufacturer?
  4. Your outstanding skill continues to amaze me; another corker!
  5. That's really nice. Would love to give a project like that a go.
  6. Cheers Beefy... however, given the length of time this is taking me, two bags might not be enough!
  7. Cheers Foxy mate! There's probably a fair degree of artistic license with this kit, but it is an enjoyable build. Now thinking of getting the black & decker ready to turn some masts and practice my knots. A few more deck fittings to get done first though. A couple of brass plinths for the stand and a Ship's boat also ordered from Cornwall Model Boats (thanks for the heads-up on this shop b.t.w. Seadog!) - got myself a Mantua wooden lifeboat, which will hopefully look the part hanging off the stern. Anyone worked with one of these kits before? This is how it's described on the website; "Bread and butter style construction from a laser cut sheet to simulate a clinker built lifeboat." Walnut apparently? I'm assuming that there will be some shaping to do, but sounds like it could build into a decent representation of something suitable?
  8. Hello folks! Well that's been a while... the build suffered a mini hiatus, but I've been back at the bench over the last couple of weeks and have made little bit progress. Here's what I've been up to; First things first - a couple of pics of the earlier anchor hawse disaster made good - The too large hole filled then drilled to the correct size.. then the (painted) fittings added, hiding all evidence! Now for the most recent work - belay pin rails fitted on the bulwarks; Then fitted the rudder; the hinges were very fiddly and I'm not 100% satisfied with them, unfortunately. However, with a lack of alternatives available, these will have to do.... The hinges will have the paint touched up after I've worked on the waterline and have painted the undersides white. Deck fittings going on... ... a few close ups of the various bits on deck; The bow - Mid-ships, showing the rather nice capstan - straight out of the box and highlighted with a light coat of wood stain to bring out the details; And finally the stern, showing the tiller - brass rod with the handle machined using a dremmel and file, then an attempt at replicating wood grain with various colours of enamel paint over a black undercoat. tried carving one from an off-cut of the planning wood, but decided to go with the brass in the end. I suspect that it would have taken a man of some stature to operate the tiller without any assistance, so will be adding some blocks and sheets to secure it in position (not that it's going anywhere with those dodgy hinges!!) That's all for now folks, away to try and order a nice little ship's boat to hag from those stern davits (nothing supplied in the kit unfortunately - heading back to Blighty for a few weeks so will need to keep space for it in the suitcase. (and a few other goodies, including 1:1 scale sailing bits and bobs!). I also need to do something about procuring some fittings for the base; my searches in the souq proved to be fruitless. That's it for another month! Cheers, Spud
  9. Looks very good sir! Nice job
  10. Meant to add, as a kid I used to love visiting the transport museum and Kelvin art Gallery in Glasgow - found the builder's models absolutely fascinating... guns or no guns! HMS Hood, or a tramp steamer; loved them all!
  11. Loving your work, I've built a couple of wooden ships (from kits) but am now thinking about trying a scratch built project... quite fancy trying something a little less usual and mainstream, but as a novice in this field (and living in the middle east) I'm struggling to get hold of comprehensive enough plans and suitable materials.
  12. Good lord sir! You don't hang around!! I've barely drawn breath after amazing over your Corvette and you're bending 30 or so tiny cannons!! You're a glutton for (PE) punishment! Great work though
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