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  1. How interesting, I thought most helicopter were produced with just a plain green livery at that time. Unless they were going to Afghanistan of course. Shame they all ended up in the graveyard. But thank you though, very helpful info.
  2. I'm going to build a Soviet Mi-8 helicopter, as one during the 80s. But I'm not sure what correct shade of green it be in. I'm hoping to make it like how they were used at Chernobyl. If anyone can give me so correct colours that would be great!
  3. I'm building the ICM kit. I like you fire engine 131s, reminds me of the ones they used at Chernobyl. I just finished watching the HBO series about a month ago. That is the reason I wanted to build one of these trucks actually haha. I just wanted to do a ordinary 1980s era Soviet 131. So just plain green I would have thought. I read elsewhere that the greens where of all sorts of shades?
  4. Hi all, I'm starting a Zil 131 soon and I'm just going through what paints I'll need for it. It says I'll need xf 5 for the green, does anyone know if this is the correct colour for Soviet military vehicles? I'm looking at doing a Zil 131 from the 1980s, would the green be different back then. I'm planning on spraying it. Either tamiya and humbrol paints will be perfect for me if anyone can help me out.
  5. It is a Battle if Britain hurricane. So it the correct color. Thanks
  6. I'm doing a Airfix 1/48 hurricane, for the color under the wings it says to be humbrol 90 but that looks to green. Is it correct? I thought it would be more gray...any help please
  7. Oh really, I tried that reading it from somewhere else but it looks too brown for what I thought it would look like. Thought it was more of a sand color?
  8. I'm simply stuck and can't do anything to my tank until I get the correct color. I only use humbrol paint. I doubt there's a color that I need without mixing colors so please help me anyone.
  9. So I'm playing the Battlefield 1 beta, for some who may not know is the next upcoming Battlefield game which is set in WW1 for a change. Its coming out in October. On the beta there are multiple weapons, tanks planes things to do. For me is flying the planes and one of them is a fighter bomber called the CL II which is German. After flying that and getting quote a few amazing kills I adore the thing. Now I want a model but am finding it difficult to find one. Does anyone know where I can buy one in 1/72?
  10. Hi all, I'm making a 1/144 il2, and it didn't come with any painting instructions. So I had a look around online for humbrol colours but couldn't find any. I only really use humbrol so if anyone knows the closest number for Russian colours that will be nice. If anyone does know could you just give me a list.
  11. This is going well already, can't figure out how to add pictures. Can I even add pictures? Help
  12. I've I already started on the walker and have nearly finished it. I've only built the legs and the hull so far but am painting the cockpit at the moment. Never posted my models being built on here before, neither anywhere else so I hope this goes well.
  13. I bought myself the at st kit and wasnt sure what colour to use for the main body. I have gathered paints for all the others parts like the cab, crew.... I got a new pot of paint for the body thinking itll be the cortect colour but wasnt happy with it when it arrived. Im after just the colour for the body and i prefer humbrol paints so if anyone can give me the best humbrol colour for what i need that will be perfect.
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