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  1. Nice choice Kitkat. They fit well and don't need paint. Be carefull handling them, the sides are very thin and squish easily. Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Hi Kev, welcome to the forums. From York originally, now in Rhode Island USA. If you want a 1/32 Lanc (and who doesn't) wait for the new Border Model one, as that already has the "oil canning" effect on the skin. Regards, Pete
  3. Awesome photo Kev, thanks for sharing. Regards, Pete in RI
  4. Colorcoats or Xtracolour are the only accurate paints to my eye. You can source both in the USA as mentioned above. Regards, Pete in RI
  5. Well done Ben! keep up the good work Regards, Pete in RI
  6. Nice! That's got to be 1950's or 60's. You might want to check the value of that on the antique market. Regards, Pete in RI
  7. John Adams is the leading authoroty on anything RAF inter-war. I am thinking of an Osprey on floats in 1/32 using the Silver Wings Hart. Will probably have to scratch build the floats. Regards, Pete in RI
  8. Try a white undercoat first with yellow.
  9. I have always found that enamel paint works far better on resin kits than acrylic. But either type should have a primer coat first. Regards, Pete in RI
  10. Just saw over on LSP that Border Models are going to release the WNW 1/32 Lancaster. Great news indeed!
  11. Exactly, There are a lot of built WNW models out there that are no where near this well made. Awesome job, well done. And like mentioned earlier, enter it into the contast circuit, Gold Medal winner for sure. Regards, Pete in RI
  12. Nah, BandAids are cheaper than new molds.
  13. Yes, the front cockpit was not changed on the trainer.
  14. It is an easy conversion without any conversion kit.
  15. And they have LOTS of goodies!
  16. Just found this old thread, I remember a large painting, not photograph, inside Bamburgh Castle of the image you describe. A Spitfire banking left wing low over the Castle heading left to right. The image looking at the scene from the starboard side of the aircraft. I too would love a copy of this painting but at my last enquirey to the Castle (quite a few years ago) they had no plans to reproduce it. It is definately NOT the Mark Postlethwaite painting, but may be one by Robert Taylor. I have never seen this image reproduced anywhere. Regards, Pete in RI
  17. There is a CA Hornet on Ebay right now for $52. In Canada.
  18. Awesome find! Thanks Geoff! Regards, Pete in RI
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