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  1. Chewbacca, GLS sell the sets individually, so you can accumulate them all over time without having to shell out a big lump of cash up front. Makes it easier on the budget Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Well done Moa, best vac build out there. love the opening description and photo's, your camera work is as good as your modelling. Regards, Pete in RI
  3. With regards to the engine, they all had the same type. Only Voss's F1 had a captured LeRhone installed, as they were more powerful and reliable than the stock Oberusel.
  4. Hi Keith, the early kit is of the F1, which could be considered production prototypes, and 3 were built. The late kit is the standard production Dr1. The main differences are the tailplane, which has a curved leading edge on the F1, straight on the Dr1. No wingtip skids on the F1, a narrow lip under the cowl and smaller ailerons on the F1. There are a bunch of other small detail differences such as access hatches etc too, but these are the main ones. Regards, Pete in RI
  5. These were taken at the Royal Air Force Museum. Hope they help, regards, Pete in RI
  6. IMG_4428 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4427 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  7. IMG_4430 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4429 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  8. IMG_4433 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4431 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  9. IMG_4435 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4434 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  10. IMG_4438 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4436 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  11. IMG_4439 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr IMG_4437 (1) by Peter Legge, on Flickr
  12. Thse may help your project, regards, Pete in RI
  13. very well done. Thank you for the airbrush info, I was going to ask the same question ( I am in the market for a new one). Which brand of paint did you use? Superb job. Regards Pete in RI
  14. morning all, you can download the wingnut wings instructions for free, a very useful resourse, and also check out their vintage photos page. Aviattic do lozenge decals, and also check out Pheon decals. The Part etch set is a must, and Jadar hobby are excellent, shipping from Poland to the US is around a week to ten days. Regards, Pete in RI
  15. Hi Jamie, are you familiar with the builds over at modelwarships.com? from the home page go to forums, picture post, works in progress and look for hood. one by EJ Froeth, scratchbuilt in 1/350 is exceptional, and also look for 1/200 by Greenglade. He tackled the prop bosses very nicely. Regards, Pete in RI
  16. I saw one at the Spare Time Shop in Marlboro Massachusetts on Wednesday. I grabbed it. Regards, Pete in RI
  17. hi Duncan, I use the usual plastic cement of your choice, just make sure there is no paint in the locating holes. ( btw, I usually fix the carbane struts first.) Regards, Pete in RI
  18. morning all, don't forget the front tub is too small in diameter and the slope around the edges needs removing. Also Eduard make a few sets for it too. Regards Pete in RI.
  19. europapete

    Harry Tate

    the aeroclub kit is very good, I built one years ago. Injected plus white metal and PE. Regards Pete in RI.
  20. Hi Ian, doing good, heading up to NH tomorrow to service my sons car, had a dusting of snow this morning and it's supposed to be near 60 tomorrow! lol, you know how that goes. Busy installing a baseboard heating zone in the basement today. How's life in the tropics?
  21. For me, it will be the UWD. and a pidgeon.
  22. Ahh, yes, but just think of all the diorama possibilities featuring Dick Dastardly and Muttley!!
  23. check out the website chaps! Regards Pete in RI
  24. If the DH4 radiator won't fit, would the 9A? ( Honestly don't know the difference off hand, but suggesting it anyway) regards Pete in RI
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