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  1. The chipping on the fuel tanks is especially convincing. Your skills as a modeler are matched by your skills as a photographer.
  2. I spent about 5 minutes debating whether the first photo was your model or an actual aircraft.
  3. Very sharp. The panel lines seem very precise, without being overdone.
  4. Nice job. What specific paints did you use on the upper and lower surfaces?
  5. As others have already mentioned, the aircraft has a flawless finish. But what I want to complement you on is the photography. It isn't easy to capture models the way you have. The resulting photos really bring the aircraft to life.
  6. Excellent work. I would say that your photos rival the photo of the original aircraft.
  7. Outstanding. The figures have a photographic quality to them, and from many angles, one might not assume they were painted models. They don't just complement the diorama, they almost become the focus.
  8. A nice build of an interesting aircraft that we don't see very often.
  9. Simply outstanding. The panel lines are clean and consistent - they really make the model pop. I love the weathering too.
  10. I think the mottle is fine - that stuff can be tricky to do.
  11. That's a nice little collection of Lynxes (Lynxi?).
  12. With the right background, I could probably be fooled into believing that these are photographs of a full-sized aircraft. First class work.
  13. That's some clever use of the stencils for the nose detail. Overall, I think it was a great paint job.
  14. Great work. The transition between the paint colours is especially smooth and consistent, which I think contributes to its realism. I missed this in the build section, so I just went back and had a look at that too.
  15. That looks fantastic. The panel lines really pop. Great work.
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