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  1. Many thanks for that Ossington!
  2. Does anyone happen to have copies of the markings guides for the early C-130s? Specifically, the original tan/brown and subsequent gray/green schemes? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am certain Hasegawa will supply a good mix formula for the colors. Was trying to finish up a project in a different scale before the Hasey kit is released. I'm guessing the eyeball matching technique will be the best call for folks that don't have access to Gunze paints. Mike
  4. The Aoshima kit is on my list too, but the $60+ (US) pricing at this point is keeping it on the back burner. It would look great next to my Revell C-17, since it is a C-17 Lite.... Mike
  5. Does anyone know what the specific colors are for the new JASDF grey/blue camo scheme? https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1042923/45-1074-japan-air-self-defence-force-jasdf-lockheed-c-130h-hercules-l-382 https://www.planespotters.net/photo/724788/68-1203-japan-air-self-defence-force-jasdf-kawasaki-c-2 I assume they are indigenous Japanese colors (i.e. NOT FS-Standard). The overall light blue of the previous C-130 scheme was specified as S28-852, but the lower blue on this new scheme almost looks a touch paler... Does anyone know of good color matches for
  6. I too would be interested in a digital copy of AP119A-0601. I contacted the RAF Museum about getting a copy, but that would be a paper photocopy, which I would prefer to avoid if possible... Thanks, Mike
  7. PM sent. MANY thanks for your help!!! Mike
  8. Dennis, Many thanks - that is a fantastic reference. Interesting in the photos you included that the ax and extinguisher are in different orders on different aircraft... Is it possible to obtain copies of AP119 volumes? Are any available online? I was able to find a 1960s and 1977 version listed in the RAF Museum Archives. Is it possible to get photocopies from the museum? Thanks again, Mike
  9. Does anyone have a close-up of the Crash Axe and Fire Extinguisher stencil worn on the forward left and aft right fuselage of the RAF C-130s in the Crud & Custard and later temperate scheme? I assume these stencils were also used on other types, but so far, I haven't had much luck finding good images of them. Thanks, Mike
  10. 757flyer

    Zvezda C-130?

    Sorry if the post was redundant - I just found the thread in the Rumormonger section on this...
  11. 757flyer

    Zvezda C-130?

    This link was posted on another group showing Zvezda's purported 2020 releases. First, is this list accurate, and second, is that a 1/72 C-130 Hercules I see listed? https://vk.com/wall-114983756_110262 Thanks!
  12. Just as a follow-up for those who were interested, Aires released a 1/72 Israeli extended A-4 exhaust. Available from the usual vendors - Hannants, Sprue Brothers, EBay, etc. Mike
  13. Can't recall seeing the wingtip rails worn by this Dutch Stretch Herc: Are the rails an ECM/RWR/Self-Defense system? Thanks! Mike
  14. Mike, Thanks for the effort trying to get to the bottom of the color. The airplanes were delivered in a Euro-1 style green and gray camo. The light blue apparently came later after Japan began participating in more worldwide coalition operations (Middle East as I read it). The Model Art volume on JASDF colors (No. 495) only shows the green/gray camo scheme for the Hercs, but does show the light blue over gray scheme for the U-125A. It lists the blue color as a Japanese Standard (JS) color: S28-852, which of course has no FS equivalent. So, if that is accurate, and the schemes
  15. I'm in the Tri-Cities (upper east corner of the state along the Virginia line) We haven't had as much rain as some other areas, particularly Middle Tennessee, but things are nice and green Mike
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