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  1. 757flyer

    Zvezda C-130?

    Sorry if the post was redundant - I just found the thread in the Rumormonger section on this...
  2. 757flyer

    Zvezda C-130?

    This link was posted on another group showing Zvezda's purported 2020 releases. First, is this list accurate, and second, is that a 1/72 C-130 Hercules I see listed? https://vk.com/wall-114983756_110262 Thanks!
  3. Just as a follow-up for those who were interested, Aires released a 1/72 Israeli extended A-4 exhaust. Available from the usual vendors - Hannants, Sprue Brothers, EBay, etc. Mike
  4. 757flyer

    Dutch Herc Rails

    Can't recall seeing the wingtip rails worn by this Dutch Stretch Herc: Are the rails an ECM/RWR/Self-Defense system? Thanks! Mike
  5. Mike, Thanks for the effort trying to get to the bottom of the color. The airplanes were delivered in a Euro-1 style green and gray camo. The light blue apparently came later after Japan began participating in more worldwide coalition operations (Middle East as I read it). The Model Art volume on JASDF colors (No. 495) only shows the green/gray camo scheme for the Hercs, but does show the light blue over gray scheme for the U-125A. It lists the blue color as a Japanese Standard (JS) color: S28-852, which of course has no FS equivalent. So, if that is accurate, and the schemes do use the same blue, then we might know the JS number at least, but I haven't been able to find a "true" match. Hasegawa give a Gunze mix for it: 80% 323 + 20% 62 - and that might be as close as we will get, unless one of the model paint vendors releases an actual real color for it. Mike I do like this shot that highlights the refueling pods they have added in recent years:
  6. I'm in the Tri-Cities (upper east corner of the state along the Virginia line) We haven't had as much rain as some other areas, particularly Middle Tennessee, but things are nice and green Mike
  7. Jabba and Andy, Thanks for the replies. I was hoping against hope that someone might have found a color in an unrelated paint line that might work (no Halfords here in the States Jabba, but that is likely the path I would have to take). I have the Gunze mix ratios that are suggested in the Hasegawa 1/200 kit instructions. Mike
  8. Does anyone know what the color is for the JASDF C-130Hs in the current pale blue scheme? Is it the same color used for the U-125A scheme? Thanks!
  9. Saw that the MDF Scaledown volume on the Eurofighter Typhoon is out. I know the earlier Typhoon book by Andy Evans is considered one of the better refs on the subject. Does this new book build off the earlier one? Is this one a good one-stop reference on the Eurofighter? Thanks!
  10. Hobby Search shows the Doyusha boxing now in stock... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10598016 Mike
  11. Roy, Many thanks for the reply. Glad your project met your goals for it! I will patiently wait and see what ArmyCast does. Mike
  12. Just saw on the ArmyCast FB page that they are looking to do a resin upgrade set in 1/72, but might only fit it for the upcoming HobbyBoss kit. They said they might fit it for the Fujimi kit as well. They also have decals for the Ahit... Mike
  13. Roy, Any plans to re-cast some? Just curious, as you and Eagle Designs were the only ones I know of that ever did the extended exhausts in 1/72. Several have been and still are available in the larger scales. Like the Fujimi kits, Israeli A-4 decals are pretty rare these days in 1/72 as well, but I can fix that. Just don't know how to master and cast resin, and scratch-building is a bit intimidating for my marginal skills. Mike
  14. Probably the same place you could find extended pipes.... Contacted Eagle Designs, who also once made them, but he responded that production has halted indefinitely...
  15. Were these extended exhausts ever released? Are there any other sources for extended pipes for 1/72 A-4s?
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