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  1. Thats a very nice build there, love the dio with it too! Absolutly think I'll probs build the 111 sqn next. So I can use the 23 sqn decal on this one! But will be a little while yet as just put tamiya's F-14D 1/48 on the bench!
  2. Thank you all for the nice comments . It was the decal eagle on the otherside of the tail, It would't set very well. So it ended up peeling . Think i'll do the other markings on the next and use the spare eagle on this one! . Thank you. I used aires, tornado exhaust nozzle's
  3. Hi guys! Just finished off revell's tornado f3 1/48. Challenging little build with the usral flash and fit issues! Lots of dry fitting. but was impressed with the detail in the kit. Was built strait out the box, with just resin wheels and jet nozzles added. Had an issue with a decal on the tail, enjoyed the build so much I've orded another kit to fix that problem. Thank you for looking hope you enjoy! Beezwhat
  4. Hey guys! Did a little to the arado over the last couple of days! Painting and weathering putting the cockpit together. Useing mr hobby acyrilics and Abteilung 502 oils for washes and blending in. Mixed my own colours so maybe not 100% accurate. Glossed over and just needing a matte coat in places. Still some bits to go into the cockpit and a little more detailing to do in places! But really pleased with how the fabric seat belts turned out and how the look is going! . Hope you enjoy! Beezwhat!
  5. Great build so far! Enjoying watching your progress! Not sure if it helps, you maybe able to find replacement range finders for HMS ships and masts from sovereign hobbies or hannants? They do alot of PE extras. Beezwhat
  6. They were made from PVA dabbed on with a cocktail stick! .
  7. Hey guys! Well after completeing my last project academys warspite. I wanted somthing of a challenge, So I found this whilst looking though the stash! . Have afew aftermarket items. Masks, masters brass gun barrels, and fabric seatbelts! May add some more as I go along, but the kit out of the box looks to be pretty good! Will be adding the 1/32 HPH models catapult. At a later date! . Just getting the cockpit and sub assembly's together first and ready for primeing, will post more as I go with the build! . Enjoy!. Beezwhat
  8. Thank you. It was'nt too bad tbh, as made it, from perspex, angle edged pine and LED's. Beezwhat
  9. Hey guys Completed Academy's 1/350 Warspite. With pontus upgrade set, with wooden decks. Was started at the beginning of the year, with afew pauses inbetween! Thoughly enjoyed the build, was my first ship build defanitly wont be my last . Thank you all enjoy! Beezwhat
  10. Hi Guys. Just a quick update! . Well have'nt done too much to the warspite today. As I think I'm now comming towards the end of the build, I'm quite happy with the finnish of her. I have started constructing a display case for her insted. Been playing around with some Led's & benzels running off a battery box, which I'm going to install dotted along the top of the case to give it a spot light affect on the ship whilst she's on display . Thank you everyone for following my build its been a long project, Some big learning curves, but mainly alot of fun and enjoyment with the project from start to finnish. There will be some detailed pictures with no clutter in the background when I've fully completed the build. Hope you've enjoyed Thank you Beezwhat12
  11. Hey guys! Well I'm back, After far to much time away from the hobby! Well after putting the warspite on hold for all this time, haveing her sitting there, with me looking, planning and itching to finish the project off I'm finally makeing a new start! She went though quite abit of progress befor I had to put her on hold. Unfortunatly I lost some progress picture's but this is what she looked like. Thats the progress to date, I've worked on anchors some detail a little bit of weathering and rigging, needs painting an touch ups, but shall all come together in time! Hope you enjoyed the progress, will post more detailed progress as I continue the build! Thank you. Beezwhat
  12. hey guys just finished a little more on the warspite just some painting weathering and a start on the anchor chains! also just an excuse to try out my new camera so hopefully some clear pictures than befor thats as far as i have got for now! hope you enjoy Beezwhat
  13. hey guys!! Update on the Warspite, I have done quite a bit with her since the last update and she's coming along and getting close to completion! I have also used some new techniques and something different! just want to say thank you everyone for your kind comments and thank you 73north for recommending the flags also! I shall be purchasing a set to finish of the ship towards the end of the build! (if im aloud) hope they look good on your build! Well I've put it off for too long, that is the 30, 20mm Oerlikons, which consist of 5 brass parts each! but they look really really good just very very time consuming and dare to say a little tedious! I dread to think what a 100 AA gunned battleship would be like! Then it was on to the Pom Poms! I have also given the lifeboats some paint and got four of them glued in place to the mid structure and hanger! Then it was weathering to the hull including some new techniques and finishes! I used the hair spray technique for scratches and chipping and a different shade for a rusty beat up hull, then oil washes to bleach and fade it all in and salt streak effects. I have seen on another warspite and ships defining plating on the hull so i thought i would give it ago! I think it adds an interesting effect . Looks heavy on this picture but the oils and a fading coat blends it in later on! I did some detailing and weathering to the superstructures also a start on some rigging! This is where she has gotten too so far!! got some painting on the pom pom's to do, still some deck details to do, anchor chains railings props and touch ups to do and she is very much getting there! hope you all enjoy the progress and i shall post up the next lot as i go along! Thank you Beezwhat
  14. Thank you for all your kind comments guys! really appreciate them!! Thank you 73north! I am happy with the finish, was a very good learning curve and have used them and put to practise on the H.M.S Warspite I did use an aftermarket wooden deck, MK1 Design i think the make was, i thought i would try one out! and it makes one very big difference the look and texture is very much like the real thing, just could do with darkening the colour of the wood as it comes across very light in my opinion, especially if you have the ship in a weather'd look but other than that, they fit very very well abit fiddly but as long as you take your time they are brilliant! I also used tamiya paint, i found the tones of the greys where abit dark and did't show of the detail very well, so i used whites and light greys mixed with in and pre shaded just to get better shadows for the detail! Ooo Thank you very much for that recommendation! them flags will go nicely for the warspite!! I have brass flag poles for the warspite as i went for the pontos detail set in the end, as it comes with full brass masts and accessories! it's comming along very nicely i have a work in progress build thread if you was interested in taking a look http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235013535-academy-1350-hms-warspite/#comment-2608582 thank you Beezwhat
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