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  1. Picked this same kit up as a birthday prezzy to myself earlier this year. I'm going with VF-114 for mine, as it will make for a nice pairing with the RA-5C I'm currently building. Look forward to seeing what direction you go with it.
  2. Watching this. I used to have some of these birds (out of New York & Massachusetts) fly directly over my house almost weekly while growing up. They certainly left an impression on me. I've got a 1/48 Monogram in the stash w/ a Verlinden update kit. I just have to keep my eyes open for some decals from either the NY or MA units (good luck there). Keep up the good work. Cheers.
  3. Another kit I keep eyeballing...I've come bloody close to pulling the trigger more than once.
  4. Some food for thought...you could convert a pod into a sonobuoy dispenser. Pod/dispenser on the belly hardpoint, drops on the inner for increased range, then your torpedos on the outer pylons.
  5. From my experience, you would very seldom see only one panel open. When the birds get opened up for their routine maintenance & checks...they get opened up. I didn't work on the F-14s (I was in an EA-6B squadron), but I used to walk past them in the hangar decks. You'd be surprised at the number of panels that come off for a 28 day inspection. To say these were a labor intensive bird to keep operational (especially towards the end of their career) would be an understatement (our Prowlers weren't much better that those regards either). But in the end, they always did what was asked of them. So feel free to use artistic license. I'll be following this for motivation as I anxiously await AMK's Delta release.
  6. Looks like it could be an Eduard kit (http://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/MiG-21PFM-1-48-1.html). I just picked up this Profipack this weekend and it has those markings as 1 of 5 options in the kit. Nice job on the build. Love the subtle weathering.
  7. I did the same thing with the color scheme on mine. If it's going to be hi-vis.....it's going to be classic hi-vis damnit!
  8. I'll likely snag an A as well...preferably late as those were the birds VF-213 was equipped with in the mid-90s while they were deployed with us.
  9. Hoping for a couple low-vis tactical schemes (I don't care for the CAG birds personally). Or maybe a VF-31 "Sunset" scheme (I've almost bought the AM decals a few times ). I haven't ever been this excited for a new kit. I'm keeping my vendor up to date with release info so he can get one in shortly after they are available. This and Airfix's new Victor B.2 will be my big purchases this year.
  10. There may have been instances where they had 2 flags hanging off 1 pin.
  11. Haha. Nice. You sir have excellent taste. I have the same kit in the stash. I'll be building mine as the VF-114 bird (NH, second scheme) as I'm currently building a RA-5C from the same boat/airwing/era. Just not sure when I'm actually going to get to it. Got 2 in the works already, and I've got a SBD-3 in the pattern for a Pearl Harbor GB.
  12. Looks like a Spark Vark to me. I've got a 1/48 one (forget the manufacturer) chilling in the closet awaiting it's time. Which unit are you modeling? I've got a soft spot for SEAD aircraft.
  13. Nice bit of history there. And that would explain the "unusual" Ensign on a low modex number.
  14. In this case, yep. Ranking has no bearing on which seat they fill, just quals. The CDR (likely squadron CO) in this instance is "only" a NFO (Naval Flight Officer), not a pilot. Sarcastic emphasis on "only" because both roles are equally important, the bird can't fulfill the mission without both of them. Though in practice, the name would typically be the 2nd highest ranking pilot on this aircraft instead of a junior pilot (the highest ranking would be on the "200" aircraft unless the CAG CO was a pilot). Then they typically moved down the pecking order (200-207, 210-215) until they run out of aircraft.
  15. Sure thing. Glad to help. Link to the spreadsheet (restricted to view only): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mbtyCm6pquMggoJfFONrrY8KNlcyC2jQXPD-lhi95aE/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Thanks for the link Neu!
  17. With the nose in "launch position", are you planning on the wings spread and flaps down? I hope I have as much success with my future Tomcat builds...as the Eggplane wasn't nearly as detailed as these. Haha.
  18. Does the kit come with an extended nose gear as well? Surprised to see a compressed strut / lowered launch bar included, make for a pretty sweet diorama set up for a cat shot.
  19. I did some digging around on USAFE fighter aircraft a few weeks ago, compiling a spreadsheet of aircraft, squadrons, bases & years of operation for the '80s GB subjects. While I was in there, I went ahead and grabbed most of the info I could find all the way back to the early '50s. The list is by no means all inclusive...but I've got a majority of the squadrons covered that were stationed there for 6 months or better. I don't have many of the units that only deployed for a couple months or less. My listing was just a compilation from info I found scattered about Wikipedia. Most of the heavies from TAC & SAC tended to rotate through on a regular basis, as such I haven't had time to try to compile those guys. Anywho, the list is as follows: USAFE fighter aircraft deployed/stationed in European theatre between 1970-79 F-4C/D/E F-5 (aggressor squadron) F-15A (Cs weren't delivered until 1980) F-100 F-111E/F RF-4C RF-101C A-10
  20. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Holy crap! You've got more patience than I do. I don't think I could make it through one of those.
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