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  1. amazing model! really excellent painting and finish, top notch
  2. Stay frosty... What's the scale on these guys anyway? Would love to get some next to a UD-4L Cheyenne tactical dropship...
  3. Beautiful, really excellent! I have zvezda's helix ps in the stash too, and plan to do it in a scheme like yours. What blue did you use? It looks really good.
  4. Thanks Ken, it really means a lot coming from you, as I've been admiring your work for quite some time Yeah, I know Amodel does one, but at 170 bucks a pop, I'll wait for an IM one, or until I win the lottery, whichever comes first
  5. Very nice. Like the Herc, Zvezda's progress really shows in these new kits. However, as it is pretty small scale, it was very hard to mask all the windows, especially the round bubble ones in the front. I usually don't build in 144, but this is one of my favorite aircraft, so i just had to build one, even if it was in the wrong scale I wish Zvezda would come out with 72 scale one... And A-40 in 1/72... I can only dream...
  6. Wonderful! Really satisfying experience... finally, after a long time, a kit that didn't fight me all the way to the finish line Zvezda has really come a long way. The way the wing parts fit together alone shows that someone really thought the fit through. Or the fit of the propellers, which is the best solution ever (Zvezda uses the same system on their Pe-2, and all other manufacturers should look upon them). Highly recommended.
  7. I have a dremel clone and a proxxon, but for really slow work, I use this: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/fixa-screwdriver-drill-lithium-ion-00196101/
  8. No problem, mate Like you, I started with an Aztek, and once I learned all it's quirks, I got on with it pretty well, for more than a couple of years. But then I decided it was time to move on, and I splurged for a Paasche VL set, and man, my life changed... It was so much better, and more capable... It was like going from a Ford Escort to a Ford Mustang... In my opinion, the VL is THE best beginner brush, it's very robust (it's needle is almost 3 mm thick!) while still being highly capable, so it's suitable for learning new techniques. Most importantly, after the Aztek, the VL was so easy t
  9. Buy a good quality brush, like Iwata, mr hobby, or h&s? They all have teflon seals, which are impervious to cellulose thinners
  10. Wonderful diorama, and a beautiful Atlantic! Really great job. Love the Atlantic, wish revell would reissue that model. What grey did you use for the top? I think it's perfect!
  11. RIP Sir Connery. Great, great actor, I will remember him for many wonderful films, but always will think first of his role as Marko Ramius, captain of the Red October.
  12. Eduard MiG 21 MF Fighter-bomber, model created with Eduard overtrees box and some leftover techmod decals. Eduard plastic is great, but techmod's decals should've gone to the bin. Coated with Gunze GX 114 super smooth clear... this stuf is pure magic in a bottle, it's fantastic!
  13. Hi Alvaro, this really looks great! Congratulations on great looking model. Can you share more info on the model of the anycubic printer you are using? I am very interested in 3d printing myself and I really like the result of your printer. So much so, I'm thinking of getting one myself!
  14. Wow, just wow brilliant work. As many have said, I thought it was a real car... as the matter of fact, I still do, it's a real car and you just found a 24/1 prop human hand
  15. Hi John, no, I'm not a pilot at all, just an aircraft enthusiast, those pictures were taken one year when our air force had an anniversary, and had an sort of "open day" at their main operating base, here in Zagreb. The fire bombers are usually stationed at the coast, so it was a rare sight to see them in Zagreb. I must say that here in Croatia we are all very proud of our CL-415 and Air Tractor drivers, they're the bravest bunch I've ever seen. Also, they're not only defending our coast, but also help out in defending against fires all over the mediterranian sea too. They've been all over, fr
  16. Some of my pics of Croatian CL-415, taken on a cold winter's day... if anyone wants to build one
  17. Tnx Tony, love your work with the Tomcats too Yes, unfortunately I had some mishaps with these two tomcats which made sure they were not for show, just for the shelf (the mistakes don't show much on pics, but will show on closer inspection), and by the time I was at the end of both builds, I was pretty fatigued and wanted to finish the builds quick, so decided to forego the ordnance decals. On the next one though, if there is no more mishaps, I plan to have the weapons fully decaled.
  18. Tnx Tbolt! Yes, camo was freehand. First model I did with my new Mr Hobby PS-770 (shout out to Martin@air-craft.net :), great service). Must say, I'm well impressed with this airbrush. Of course, still need a bit of practice, but even so, it's great improvement from my Iwata HP-CS, which is a great airbrush in itself.
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