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  1. She's lovely I'm not normally a fan of of jet aircraft but she's just simply lovely I was born October 73 so funny to think she was flying the day I was born lol
  2. Thank you for the comments I know I could of researched the weathering but as it was a bit of a learning model I winged it next one will be fun as it's a conceptual aircraft with no real photos available lol. Funnily enough I'm also building a 1/24 hurricane for fun and to try something not in 1/72 as normal. All in all though I really enjoyed building this one and learned a lot so all good stuff Thanks again
  3. Hi all, This is my third model since restarting this hobby and I've thoroughly enjoyed this new tool Messerschmitt. Had a couple of "oh dear" moments but learned a few things. She's hand painted in Humbrol Enamels and I've attempted weathering for the first time so while not perfect I did learn a few bits along the way. Also the first time I did an Aerial so go me Anyhow .... if anyone has any good advice on how to do Exhaust weathering please let me know ... I found it hard Thanks for looking
  4. Thank you for the update I'm still new to modelling but wanted to try something new in building this and appreciate the updates.
  5. Looking good so far and I've started building mine as well. Was hoping you'd got a bit further by now and thanks for the tip about holding the pin in place with the additional sprue Had loads of cleaning up to do with the moulding which is nothing short of terrible !!!! If my engine looks half as good as yours I'll be a happy man
  6. Impressive build Love the finish I've got a P-40 on the go in 1/72 and it's been nothing but trouble to the point it's almost been in the bin twice.
  7. Wondering if going from 1/72 models to a 1/24 is biting off more than I can chew :(

    1. Alan P

      Alan P

      No problem. The hard part is going back to 1/72 afterwards :o

    2. mcdonnell


      Good luck - Especially with a Vulcan Build!! :D

  8. Gobsmackingly beautiful example of one of my top three planes How long did it take from start to finish ? And how much of that time was the weathering ? Just curious as it's so well done and I'm new back at modelling hence the curiosity
  9. Aside from her minor imperfections I think she's a lovely build I've got one in my stash I'm dying to build and hope mine turns out as well. Guessing this was quite the learning curve Lovely
  10. Wow ... really nicely made and loving the finish on both. Can I ask how you did the squiggle patterning ? I have one in my stash that needs a similar paintjob
  11. Do these brushes all paint enamels ? And does anyone have a link to some of the brushes ? I'm confused by a lot of the terminology being banded about
  12. See what you mean about the canopy !! She's a lovely hand painted aeroplane. Nicely done
  13. Just checked my 245 .... I see the same thing. The lid has a greenish tint to it but out in the sunlight it still didn't take on a greenish tint. I'm in agreement here that it ain't what it says on the tin Could use a good replacement enamel paint if there's a good one
  14. Thanks guys ... Mike I really tried to keep these brushes in clean tip top condition but they did indeed just decide to rapidly give up the ghost. I know I should buy some better brushes so thanks for for the pointer. I'll get some of these ordered
  15. My other half very kindly bought me some Vulcan winter raffle tickets. Just wanted to wish anyone else that bought some the best of luck http://www.vulcanxh558raffle.co.uk/ This would be amazing
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