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  1. Thanks Mr? Matthews Cheers Pete, Surprisingly enough the amount of resin used is tiny, I'm still on my first bottle of this stuff, it seems to go a long way... Cheers M3talpig I've wanted one for a long time but they were way out of my price range, it was only when I discovered how much they had come down in price that I began seriously considering getting one. I bought a filament one initially and that is great for bigger jobs, but no good for stuff like this, which i regretted after the first couple of weeks. It still gets used quite a
  2. Evening All, My apologies for the lack of updates and my tardiness in responding to your comments. There really is no excuse, however I am going to blame it on work, family and other commitments! Before tonight's meager update I shall deal with the incoming post... Thanks Steve, You're right I am as chuffed as a dog with two wotsits! It's a bit like the theater, the public sees the final performance but not the multitude or rehearsals that went before. For each part you see here there were several failed versions that now reside in a pot at
  3. Hi All, Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a bit manic at work meaning too many late finishes. Any time I have had has been spent knee deep in CAD software and/or up to my armpits (well fingers really) in resin. Having spent several hours measuring, drawing and printing (and drawing and printing and drawing and printing...) I managed to create some bonnet sides and a radiator grill (well that's what they look like to me anyway). However due to me trying to be way too ambitious and get the vents thin it would appear that the scourge of the restorer has
  4. Take the plunge if you can afford it, you won't regret it. I was fortunate in that I was given a load of African River Vouchers...
  5. Evening All, Today has been a day of discovery and experimentation and destruction... I spent the morning with several mugs of Yorkshires finest and the tablet watching videos and reading blogs and faceybookey groups on 3D printing and spent time calibrating the printer; Which turned out to be easier than it sounds really: 1. Download the file for a a calibration tile thing 2. Print it (takes a while) 3. check the resolution 4. change the exposure settings (the printer uses a UV light source to cure the resin in the vat, lifts the
  6. Thanks Rob, I've been after one of these for quite a while and couldn't justify it. I received a bit of a bonus from work and offered to 'share it' with the rest of the family, my plan was accepted, all I had to do was plan a weekend away... Hi APA, to be honest I'm not overly impressed with the wheels, the tread looks more business like that the Tamiya wheels which look a bit 'civillian' to me (gets plus points). However there are quite a few pin holes in the rims (gets minus points), so the Jury's still out on this one at the moment.
  7. Hi all, Its time for me to stop lurking and come out from behind the curtains and create a WIP thread. I started a thread for an AA Stolly a few years ago but it sort of stalled. You never know I may pick it up again one day. Anyway, having been inspired by the quality of work I am seeing on here I've decided to take the plunge and start another thread. This time I've decided on something a bit simpler and more straightforward with no conversions, aftermarket, extra details etc. (Hmm, we'll come back to this in a bit...) I am going to attempt to build (and complete
  8. Hi, really interesting build. this clip has some really good close up footage of the crew loading the charges and rockets. https://youtu.be/2I51-H2hqc8 Al
  9. Thanks again chaps for the replies. Ozzy, I've seen the transfer and PE zimmerit but decided to 'do it properly' using 'no-nails' and a Tamiya tool to scribe the pattern...never again! It goes everywhere! Jack, thanks for the link, really useful, I'm now starting to narrow down the time period. thinking of leaving the Zimmerit missing from below where the track guards where. My logic is it was applied in the field and the crew couldn't be bothered to remove the guards, since then it has suffered damage and some guards are missing. Hence some missing guards a
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. when looking at the tank the gap between the road wheels and fenders is relatively small so the odds of getting a mine in there would be small so I was assuming that field applied zimmerit would not have been applied below the track guards as it would have been a pain to remove and re-fit them. Then I saw the photos posted by Jack and they show the coating going all the way to the bottom behind where the track guards would have been. I've seen quite a few pics showing this and wondered if it was factory applied and would the tanks have had the track gu
  11. Hi all, i apologise if this has been asked before but I can't find anything after searching. I'm building the Tamiya mid production Tiger 1 and have decided to attempt to apply zimmerit. I am also planning on removing some of the side 'mudguards/fenders' as damaged. My question is would the zimmerit have gone all the way down the side to the bottom of the hull side, or would it have been applied behind the side mudguards, (the ones that stick out the side) so if I remove some of the mudguards would the area underneath be covered in zimmerit or not?
  12. How about a set of Nebelwerfers in various scales? Cracking job on the sand filters, they really do look the part. It's a bit strange but I'm that used to seeing pictures of Chinooks with them fitted they now look wrong without them. Keep up the persistence. Al
  13. Ah Ced, you're making me feel all nostalgic now! When I was at 6th form we used to write our program on a 'form' which was then sent off to the local university for punching and then loading into their UNIVAC (iirc). If you hadn't made a mistake you got a print out on that lovely stripey tractor feed paper and a small stack of cards about a week later. And yes I have used one of those punch machines to produce new cards for amended code. :-) I foolishly left 6th form after a few months to start working for a high street bank as they promised to give me money every month
  14. Not been on here for a while due to some unfortunate family matters I've had to deal with. My condolences on your loss Crisp. Lovely work on the jump seat and steps, it's a shame to hide them. Glad you took the bait I laid and sent for the wing nuts Al
  15. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I've had a lot going on at home and have not been able to log on recently. it's sold as 'beading wire' you can find it in the jewelry making section, I have two types, they still sell the packets but not the reels, which are the ones i prefer. I also have a small stock of electricians solder which works well. This is the stuff I use: Thanks for the comments all. Alan
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