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  1. Cool idea. The whole scene sucks you in, and I like that. I am assuming you enhanced the texture of the ball tank. If so, well done. That thing looks like it could really take a hit. I will say, if the shot did not glance off, but hit it squarely, I would not want to be inside that thing!
  2. Very nice work here.I am sure Ian would be proud of you. Q. Where did that beautiful sketch come from? Is it Ian's?
  3. I have been working on the landscape. I want the look of long-cooled lava field. I built the base from plaster cloth, plaster rock castings and carving plaster. I painted it flat raw sienna, brown vallejo wash, and Bone white drybrush. I'm nowhere close to where I want to be; but making progress. 1. The camel on the plaster and picture frame base 2. Rock castings with paint wash and dry brush. 3. This color is probably a little more accurate 4. Integration of rockcatings with wet plaster base. I
  4. I developed my scratch and weathering techniques when doing this piece:
  5. I purchased this kit a while back and decided to take a break from armor modeling and this seemed like the perfect build... heavy armor fighting gear with the ability to hop short distances to engage in battle. Perfect! The model is very nice and the fit is pretty good for an older kit. I upgraded all the armored hydraulic hoses and winged a little extra detail here and there. The figures are from Brick Works (including the dog. Everyone is wearing British Army camo circa 2009 Afghanistan - scrounged old surplus stuff. The Brits are now fighting with the he Earth Independent Provisional Govern
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for your comments. I am mostly a modern armour and figure modeler. I bought one of the old Nitto kits at a swap years ago. I needed a break from Armour and tried to put together a little dio using the Fireball. I will post the whole set of photos over in completed works later tonight.
  7. This is the Hasegawa 1/20 scale LUM-168. I have been working on it for about 6 months - a very short build for me. I've hit the 75% mark and wanted to get some feedback before I landed this project. It's a very nice kit. The fit is excellent, molding is pretty up there, decals offer a number of variants, and the instructions are great. My only complaint is the universal joints Hasegawa uses to connect all the moving parts. Some of them are difficult to fit. The male plastic parts are oversized to ensure a tight fit; but the ball and socket rubbery part is substantially smaller in some places a
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