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  1. Nicely done, Fred! Hope Airfix releases these again soon.
  2. In commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing, here are some more bubblegum cards depicting the astronauts on the lunar surface. Gary
  3. That was a quote from someone (I have conveniently forgotten who and where). At one time, I actually thought about using cement powder to make a lunar landscape for my Monogram lunar lander. Got a bit messy! Gary
  4. The back of the cards can be joined together to form 3 images. One is the picture of the three Apollo 11 astronauts (the same as the 5th one in the first group I posted). The 2nd is the image of Aldrin standing beside the flag on the lunar surface. The 3rd is a view of the Command Module in orbit around the moon. Gary
  5. Gordon, I didn't get a full set either. Missing 11 cards. But, here's another sampling of what I've got since this is the anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch. Gary
  6. Really beautiful scenery. "It's like working in a cement factory." Gary
  7. I've had these stored for about 50 years or so. I thought I would dig them out on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and post a few. Hope you enjoy looking at them! More tomorrow! Gary
  8. Well done, Andy! Happy 50th Anniversary! Gary
  9. Comrades! Zdravstvujtye! It is with great pride that the Bureau of Rocket Research and Development present to you our latest marvel of Soviet technical prowess, the Vostok! The main stage. This is the MPC 1/100 scale Vostok model MPC792/6. It was originally released as both a flying and a plastic static model. This later kit (Round 2) does not contain the engine mount and parachute for flight, though some parts are still included (which can cause confusion if not paying attention). The kit can be built in two versions: the Sputnik and the Vostok 1 boosters. I choose to do the Vostok, the booster that launched Yuri Gagarin into space. After separating and cleaning the parts, I assembled the four side boosters, the main body and the upper stage. The upper stage actually has a small Vostok (“Sharik”) spacecraft that can be viewed through a clear, plastic half of the covering shroud. Since I was going to paint over this, I did not install the spacecraft in the upper stage (and will build it separate with additional detailing for display). I had read some reports of poor fit on the parts, but I didn't run into anything unusual or difficult to remedy (or I'm just not as finicky). After assembling the main parts, I shot them with a flat black base. I also removed chrome plating from some of the parts by soaking them in degreaser (Purple Stuff). The base was assembled with all 20 main engines and painted ModelMasters “silver” and Tamiya “aluminum”. The engine bells were painted “copper” inside with a dark red trim. I found a photo of the center booster online that showed me the correct colors (shown above). I then painted the main body with “Euro 1 Gray” that was recommended as closest to the Vostok's actual color. After drying, I assembled the four boosters, main body and upper stage. I then scratch built some external parts and added antenna as noted on a plan I found online, and photos of other kits. The base was a square piece of packing foam upon which I glued a piece of poster board and scored to simulate concrete. This was painted Testors “flat light aircraft gray” and then given a brown wash. I did not want to cut such a large hole in the base, so I used a steel ring and cut a piece of cardboard into a matching circle. I sprayed this flat black. I cut a strip of sheet plastic and applied the decals found in the kit, then glued this to the base. The Soviet “Hammer and Sickle” pin I acquired while serving in the GRU. (No, not really! ) I cannot speak about the accuracy of this model, but it was a fun Group Build and added a Russian launcher to my space collection. Thank you for looking! The KGB will be around shortly to check your papers after viewing such a highly classified project. Gariski (GAF)
  10. It's about as well as can be expected! The kit was incomplete and the pieces not all straight after 50 years. Still, for nostalgia purposes, it's a good 'un.
  11. That looks great! Now for the Martian Queen?
  12. Gimme Shelter, Saturnapollo - Thank you! Classic is right. Almost as old as the moon landing itself! Gary
  13. Eric, Thanks! I agree that this model is not accurate. I hardly can name any model from that period that is accurate. Still, just for nostalgia purposes (and for testing my skills at scratch-building), it was a great build! Gary
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