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  1. any news aboust the E-9 widjet? a really interesting and rare aircraft
  2. good¡¡¡ a new aircaft for my colection you can make with france marine decals¡¡ another question we see another english aircraft again like buccanner in the 1/144 scale regards from chile¡¡
  3. yeahaaaa¡¡¡ i wait for this russian bear for a long time¡¡
  4. I mask them and then use a dry brush only for carrect some mistakes and part where the paint was removed by the maskig tape regards¡¡
  5. Hey guys I present this beautiful aircraft from the factory Kawanishi (currently shin meiwa ) also known as flying boat Type 97 ,this is proper aircraft design of the 30's and had nothing to envy American and English seaplanes and of the time , in fact for this design a team of the kawanishi company travel to the shorts brothers company (one of the best manufacturers seaplane of the interwar period) to become technical knowledge to manufacture this is my firstJapanesemodel so investigate a lot The model : Trumpeter did an excellent job with the model is the first of the new breed that bag with the aid of computer-aided design has nice lace and panels except the union umbrella type and the rear mounts that broken easily ( I had to make 2 again) another low point is the lack of the engines, resolve this details with scrath and added a stair in the trailing edge, i made the braces with guitar string of 0.009 Painted: For this use acrylic K4 (a chilean new brand of acrilic paint for models), I have to admit I am a novice in the using of acrylics, all my life I used enamel but I have to admit that K4 was excellent in every sense of the word, as was the Primroses time you used me assure applying a layer 147 matte Humbrol enamel paint and then only differ slightly pressure of 20 psi to 30 for use directly from the container without dilution and that was it, almost shading and painting I did in one afternoon, the washing was done with ammo mig pacific dust (which is a seaplane but operating from islands so I think it is justified) the same ammo mig pigments for the fouled engines i use track rust and black with oil fresh all the pigments come from the same wheathering set then, I use Humbrol enamel for chipped paint effects the the wheathering in the hinamoru wings was achieved passing a swab with gasoline White that gave the effect, well I will not bore any criticism is well accepted willingly provided to improve model and my apologies for my english it's very rust¡¡¡ regards from chile¡¡
  6. wow wonderful great work¡¡ beatiful regards daniel
  7. OHHHH looks great a good new addition for the 1/144 family plese make more 1/144 fighters¡¡ one question have you plans for english fighters maybe a buccaneer ? or another russian fighters regards Daniel
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