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  1. Does anybody knows if a kit exists for a Yarrrow built River Class Destroyer, not worries about scale. Thanks.
  2. Get that, guess the challenge is to get a level of shine without making mirror like
  3. Jamie, that's some great info thanks, see what you mean about the colour variation, guess though in 1/700 and using scale colour the variation is going to be almost indistinguishable
  4. Thanks Jamie, so guess I can safely say that she would have been painted all over Home fleet Grey so 507A/B, with a dark grey deck, have read a number of references relating to Corticene and seen a number of models completed using this, but reference as to when it was introduced and how extensively it was used is scant, any ideas around its use?
  5. Was going to do her straight out of the box, so pre war 35/36 ish
  6. Have hold of Tamiya's 1/700 E Class Destroyer which is making fro a nice build, but despite the range of reference available on colour schemes their is virtually no info around deck colours, can anybody got any info on this or can point me in the direction of some reference material. I got a couple of Shipcraft books and Angus Konstam's Destroyer series but nothing in any of these that helps. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi, Am building a few dioramas around some 1/700 RN WW2 destroyers, am trying to source some RN 3D Printed figures in the same scale, but can only find any for the IJN, USN or Kriegsmarine, does anybody know if RN ones exist. If not whats the current best option? Thanks Andy
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