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  1. Hello, I am sorry for the troubles people had trying to see the pictures that I posted. I thought about filters in European routers or some other kind of priorities rule. I thank people for the interest in the topic and hope things had got normal. I am posting one more picture of a model with the high roof cab
  2. Pete in Lincs, Thank you very much. JeroenS, Thank you very much. Scania 143H is a great truck. In my builds, I did not have gone too far in the details such as wiring and plumbing. Maybe, it is time for me to begin doing so. busnproplinerfan, Thank you very much. The panels are soldered with a 60W soldering iron and 1mm solder wire. About the dings, it is a very good idea. Vince1159, bhouse, Thank you very much for your interest in the topic. I am sorry that you can't see the pictures. Maybe there must be some incompa
  3. busnproplinerfan, thank you. Tinplate is not that hard to find in small quantity, though a little expensive, I think. Yes, the tinplate is pressed in several parts. I try to make the attatchments exactly where they are in the real vehicle. One picture of a Scania R 113 from the same build. JeroenS, thank you for your reply. I am sorry that you had problem to load the pictures. I am posting the link to the website where the pictures are hosted: https://www.oficinaaberta.com.br/projetos/proj_admt/proj_005/proj_005_en.asp
  4. Hello, I am back to share a little bit of my work with these models of Scania and the pressed tinplate. Scania 112 - Painting stage Still far from being finished
  5. The pictures of the scale Caterpillar 120B almost done.
  6. busnproplinerfan, thank you very much, I will take the picture that you want, but I am not sure that I can do that this week. For now, I will leave other pictures of the engine. So please tell if the pictures are enough. Mickd, thank you very much. Rishi, hank you very much, On my website there are a lot of explanations on this. Rubber tires. I am translating the site, but I seldom have time to do that. http://www.oficinaaberta.com.br Codger, thank you very much, I made a prototype with the pictures that I found on the internet. As I said above, on my website there are a lot of explana
  7. TGA, thank you very much. I have sold some of these trucks, but they all were sold assembled, painted and finished. I will be studying the possibility of being able to make kits. There are some fellows in the United States and in Australia that have interest also. Scania L75 The nest of Scania scale models. All in tinplate. Now I am thinking about some improvements.
  8. keefr22, thank you very much; TGA, thank you very much. Making these models in tinplate is not difficult, but it surely consumes a lot of work to accomplish. For I am not born under the English language, I antecipatedly ask anyone who may feel insulted or offended by any misused word by me to forgive me.
  9. Hello, here is another project that started with the pictures found in the internet. Even the tires had to be built from the zero. The scale is 1:25 The project is half made in resin, although my models are mainly built in tinplate In this picture the tires are from the old project that I made years ago. In this picture the tires are from the new project that I made this month.
  10. airea, thank you very much. It is not that easy, at least for me. To sell kits, all the parts must be perfectly dimensioned so that there will be no trouble when assembling. When the parts are united by myself, I know exactly where to make the adjustments. I hope I can arrange things so that I can make kits of these models available. Although I am not good in English, I am translating my website. I hope to have an English version of everything I post there from now on. Here are some more pictures Scania LK 140 Scania LK 141 Scania L 36
  11. Richellis, thank you very much, That is a fantastic resource for a whole Volvo G88 Scale project
  12. richellis, thank you, I am sorry for taking too long to answer. Volvo G88 is great, it is worth thinking about for a future project.
  13. adt70hk, thank you, Along the last years, I have been trying to improve the way I make the scale models. Actually, I make steel molds to shape the tinplate. That is how I do it. There is some explanation about it in my website http://oficinaaberta.com.br TGA, thank you, You will see more on this in my website or my facebook page. Look for Ivan Gouveia oficinaaberta and you will find it. richellis, thank you, I like the classic ones too. Below are some pictures of the same model. Now, almost finished.
  14. TGA, thank you, brianthemodeller, thank you, This is when I was making the first assemblage to test the cab panels. This cab was not used. Now they are almost finished
  15. Hello, I am glad to be posting something about my scratch built trucks here. These are lacking just a few details and I plan to change the tires also
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