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  1. Wow. Paint and weathering is incredible. And all in 1/72 scale. Superb.
  2. Thank you. No blue plastic on these, they are the reboxed versions, thankfully with new decals, but the old moulds were used. Thanks. I’d agree, the Ju88 edges it for me too. Thanks for your comments Miguel. I did my framework on the Ju88 using photographs, technical drawings and best guess. You can see some of the line guides from the moulds which were way off. Glad they’re finished though.
  3. Yes, it surprised me how much bigger the He111 is. A lot of it is down to the wing. The wing area is huge compared to the Ju88. And I can definitely see how your Great Grandmother would describe it as a big black bird. The wings are very bird like. Thank you Roger. Thank you. Thanks Bob. I also like building the older kits from time to time. These were a bit of a pain though. Glad to get them finished. Thank you. Thanks dogsbody. I love seeing pics on here of kits I’ve built in the past. I recall building a He111 for my brother when I was about 8, but that was before I painted them and we used them as toys.
  4. At the start of the year I decided to build these two in a side by side build. As the colour schemes were the same I thought they would be a nice quick build. Wrong. I’ve thankfully managed to finish them in the last week during lockdown. Both kits are Airfix 1/72 scale and are now quite long in the tooth. The mouldings have raised panel lines and all the control surfaces are able to be moved, so if built straight out of the box looked quite toy like. Worst of all were the clear parts, hardly any indication as to where the framework goes, totally smooth and poorly fitting. I rescribed the panel lines on both models and removed the toy like hinges of the control surfaces. The Heinkel was also missing wheel bays for the undercarriage, so I cut them out. Both kits were airbrushed using Vellejo model air paints. I managed to get some photos outside this morning. Despite not really enjoying the builds, I’m fairly pleased with the results. First the He111 And the Ju88 I also built up the fairings around the gun mounts at the rear of the canopy as the kit only provides two holes.
  5. Cracking job. Love a good Vulcan. I totally agree though, not a fun build.
  6. That looks superb. I love the A7 in camouflage schemes. Your paintwork is excellent, the way it looks faded is brilliant.
  7. That looks nice. Makes a fantastic trio with the other two.
  8. Both look fantastic. Well done on the perseverance, many would have given up.
  9. Nice save. I think it’s turned out very well.
  10. Wonderful build and wonderfully displayed.
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