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  1. It is now a full kit not just a conversion
  2. That is an S-61L. Different fuselage. No announcement from Dream Model on one of them, but we do it.
  3. Unfortunately kidney transplants and other minor inconveniences have really meant a focus on survival over web and Facebook updates have been the priority this year. Plenty of build articles of our stuff here on Britmodeller, and elsewhere on the Internet, and several build articles in major modelling mags. Also you can e-mail, phone or Facebook message us with any questions or even use the messaging system here on Britmodeller. Lots of options.
  4. We do the most modern version of the Irish Coast guard markings in out S-61N kit
  5. Our Whirlybird kit has been a full kit for many years, no need for a Revell Seaking. Our kit has been around for years.
  6. Yes we are. Contacts as per Space Ranger's above.
  7. The original 1969 Airfix Sea King was a Sikorsky one. It was retooled in 1983 as a Westland one. It is a very basic kit, as the age suggests. I would recommend the Italeri one (reissue of the Fujimi one), which is available with Apollo "66" decals.
  8. The Fujimi is the kit to go for. It has recently been reissued by Italeri.
  9. Nope. Whirlybird are still Whirlybird. Pegasus are part of our good friends at Freightdog.
  10. Yes, all of the HC.3 (and the ones upgraded to HC.5) had the long range sponsons.
  11. And the carrier aircraft were designed to to operated from a carrier in a STOL environment.
  12. Technically a Phantom, F-14 and a Buccaneer are too when launch from a carrier...
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