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  1. Little sneak peek of the turret. Still not fully painted ofcourse.
  2. Most of the kit is now primed and ready for paint.
  3. Yes I'm going full mudguard but I'll have to mount those after the tracks go on in a few days.
  4. Spent the last few days building the turret,little by little. It's almost done now,except the spare track links and the machinegun which will come after painting. Also added the last two PE grills on the engine deck.
  5. Engine deck built up together with the driver and radio operator hatches. Also did the shackles and the headlight.
  6. And so the build started,finished building up the lower hull (without the running gear) yesterday and started working on the upper hull this morning. The kit goes together like a charm.
  7. I've had a look at your work and it looks really good,can't wait to see it done! As far as the suspension goes I've just finished putting the lower hull together and it does have a bit of positive camber going on but it isn't as bad as I've expected it to be.
  8. Finally getting started on my first kit of 2019.Had this Meng Tiger II sitting around for a while and thought it was about time to get it done. Meng did a fantastic job with this kit and I'm really looking forward to seeing it complete. Also this is going to be my first time using Mig Ammo paints so we'll see how that goes... I have decided to go with the following camo scheme That's all for now but I will post a build update tomorrow.
  9. I think it looks a little bit too good Great job!
  10. Yeah the plane itself is massive,my other 1/48 kits look like 1/72 next to it lol.
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments guys!
  12. I used RAL 7040 because that's what I had laying around.It's not the "official" colour that AMK recommends but to my eyes it looks about right.
  13. I started this kit two years ago and for the best part of last year it was just sitting collecting dust,I just didn't feel like doing any work on it.I finally decided to get it done this month and here it is.No it didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would (I still got a lot of learining and improving ahead of me) but it could have been worse. Took these pics real quick with my phone hence the bad quality.
  14. Tools and shackels were mounted today,I yet have to weather them.I also need to fix some weathering mistakes I made along the way.The weathering itself isn't actually supposed to be mud,more like dust(maybe thin mud,no big chunky residues),but the colors are so off on the pictures that it looks nothing like dust.I will post some new pics tomorrow taken with a proper camera.
  15. I've been away from this forum for a year now.Had absolutely no will to make any kits in that period of time but recently I got back into it.Currently working on getting this Stryker done before Christmas. It's a pretty good kit by Trumpeter,surprisingly cheap too. Took these pics with my phone thus the crap quality,colors are a bit off too... Yes that gap in between the panels is annoying. Lol the colors are so off on this one that it makes mud and dust look like rust.
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