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  1. Where did you get the bike Stiner,the Marsh Warden??? "Now pass me one of those bolshevik firecrackers will ya!" Neils right dont let Les Rawlins see you on that.......He hates cyclists!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers. Paul..................
  2. Keep at it neil im sure it will turn out ok,.Im with Stiner on this one!!! Cheers, Paul
  3. Any of the new Tamiya Tigers or the New Dragon kits,i would leave anything else well alone!!! Cheers, Paul
  4. Very nice Vince.The weathering overthe wing is very convincing(is this courtesy of Mr Ashbeeeee)? Cheers, Paul
  5. I knew Rawlins would spill the beans. Yes the Tornado is taking shape and taking half the time!! I will finish the F16 honest guv!!!!
  6. You could have them tethered to the ground which would then give them the droop!!! Failing that you could bend them slightly! Failing that you could build a phantom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Neil just keep on doing what yuo do best! Regards Paul
  8. Andy.They are both really good! The King Tiger scheme is just about perfect!!!. Cheers Paul.
  9. ASDA has shedloads of the stuff,thats the branch on the outskirts of Watford,next to the printworks,failing that Tescos in Borehamwood, Cheers Paul..
  10. Neil,dont worry about the comment from Rawlins! The P51 looks really good. I like the b/w photo it really works........... Cheers Paul..........
  11. Looking good,Neil,those Mustang kits just fall together dont they! Ill have to do a Bodney one Cheers Paul
  12. I have to agree with Mr Ashby,you would have thought they would have made it something a bit special! And thirty sovs is a bit steep..... Cheers, HILLY.
  13. Looks really good matey.The scheme is really nice! Cheers..Hilly.
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