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  1. nit picking, as I'm as happy as everyone else for a new Buccaneer kit, comparing the old and new kits (no comparison really) the wing fences on the older kit actually show a more accurate shape and are thinner than the rectangular blocks moulded on the recent kit. theres a prominent NACA intake missing on the upper engine shoulders too, the under surface has it depicted accurately (easily added with a scriber and scalpel) theres a few 'odd' raised panels which would benefit from paring down in thickness too to match photos, eg inner wing and just fwd of the airbrakes
  2. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/307102-airfix-new-tool-mig-17f/
  3. excellent modelling, its looking really good, might be of use, iv a compilation album of RAF. Thor images on the Project cancelled SIG. Facebook page ... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.481629772006183&type=3 cheers, Joe
  4. There was an actual circa late 70's proposal to reenginge the F.18 with RB.199 (along with a reengineered back end) as part of a pitch to the UK./European market
  5. Cool, il be after a couple of each in 72 scale, im sure il be tempted by a 35th Scout too, as will one or two colleagues brilliant news
  6. Id definately be after a set too were you to produce them, the B2 has been on my list of must builds for soo many years, ihad put aside a spare Contrail B1, then a B2 when it came out, then an extra Mach Valiant, now iv a spare Airfix one which I fully intend to build as the black bomber cheers, Joe
  7. STOP PRESS, new release from 'Avalon Decals' avaliable for pre order now, Suomen Ilmavoimat Hawk decal sheets in 72 & 48 scales, first impressions are very good indeed with markings to recreate pretty much any Hawk aircraft in Finnish service in the types various colour schemes cheers, Joe
  8. Count me in, I would happily nab one if up to Denzils usual excellent quality
  9. does anyone out there have any information or images on the three Messerschmitt Bf.109G-8 aircraft delivered to the Finnish Air Force ? I am interested to ascertain if any retained their camera fit whilst in Ilmavoimat service, many thanks, cheers, Joe
  10. It would be really nice to see the Gauntlet kit with a new resin ? Alvis Leonides engine and cowling and markings (including civilian serial) for the currently flying example in Finland if you need any detail references for it I can happily provide lots of photographs of the machine taken over the past ten or so years cheers, Joe
  11. Perhaps we are seeing what comes of years of Lincon rumours from Airfix? giving Revell benefit of doubt, maybe they decided to go with the Shack (in its most well known form) thinking Airfix would follow through with a Lincon? :-B festive cheers, Joe
  12. interesting, are the tail eagle markings printed in gold or yellow / I would be interested vin acquiring a sheet of these for one of my builds cheers, joe
  13. hiyas, the trim lines and titling of WG774 whilst in the mauve scheme was actually a cream shade (it was white on WG777 when painted blue tho) if you are doing a decals set for the FD.2 I would very much like to purchase a sheet too as it has been on my to build list for quite some time many thanks, Joe Cherrie
  14. hi there, how did you get on with your Ju.86 build, i was thinking of making one in similar quasi military scheme too, do you have any references for the Lufthansa one you mentioned at Malmi with wing crosses, definately be a nice touch to finish cheers, joe
  15. many thanks chaps, just what i needed, id forgotten there was a Scale Aircraft Modelling issue covering Sea King, il dig that outv the cupboard again many thanks, cheers, Joe
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