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  1. Nice work! The subtle weathering looks great.
  2. Nice looking Spitfire! It's cool to see a Spit in a different scheme.
  3. I do see the lighter colour now that you point it out. Researching before and during a build is a big part of the enjoyment I get out of building a model. It's not always easy to get everything perfect, especially when trying to determine colours from Black and White photos. I admire those who have a keen eye for the small details and the patience to include them into a model.
  4. Nice work Roger. I have been tossing around the idea of building one of the HB Easy Build Kits. You've done a great job with it.
  5. What a fantastic model you've built. You really pay attention to every small detail and it shows. Nice Job!
  6. Your 109 is a real standout in the crowd Steve. Paint is so nice and crisp with just the right amount of weathering!
  7. Well done VP. There is no way I could hand paint that name as well as you have done! Rob
  8. You're off to a good start RJ. I'm looking forward to seeing the Airfix kit built. Rob
  9. Your model is looking great! I've had great results with Vallejo paints as well. It's to bad you had such a tough time with yours.
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