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  1. Thanks people! Worked really hard on the paint job so really appreciate the comments!
  2. Thanks! The image is on photo paper and I used double sided adhesive that I put down first and laid the image over it. I hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for the kind words! I must apologize for the crappy phone camera pictures
  4. Hi Everyone I present to you a VFA-143 inflight display from the 2006/2007 cruise. Aftermarket bits used were fightertown decals, aires ejection seat, two mikes seamless intakes and attack squadron GBU-38's. Had a bit of difficulty strapping the pilot into the seat using the PE but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Painted using Mr Hobby and Tamiya paint and weathered with oils and powders. Will take some better photos when the sun is out!
  5. I would agree with Giorgio tamiya XF-2 flat white is the one for me! I always spray at quite low psi and you can thin it quite heavily if you want to aswell.
  6. The best thing is to try different techniques but for me personally i have found the best technique for Modern US aircraft is to start by laying down a black primer and going over it in random patterns with the base colour lightened (black basing). Then go over that with a mist coat of the base colour and then do some post shading by looking at reference photos. I have nearly finished doing an f/a-18e and I'm really happy with the results: Once the painting is done oils and powders are used to enhance the weathered look.
  7. Its a 1/48 f/a-18e. I've got the base and I know the picture I want to use. Base is 200 x 300mm but I'm going to put a little plaque at the front so want the picture to be 175 x 300mm. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  8. Wow great build! Definitely need to see more photos!
  9. Thanks. I'm making an in flight model myself and your base looks really good!
  10. Great build and presentation Question regarding the image, how did you go about putting the image on the display base? Printed on paper and stuck on?
  11. No worries. I'm sure someone will be selling one on ebay, check there.
  12. Hi Simon, When out at sea on the ship the wings will be folded but parked up on land they seem to leave them down. For the revell you are making wolkpack do offer a wing fold set. If you have a hasegawa kit you can do the wing fold out of the box. Greg
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