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  1. With the S boat not around, I checked the other thread I decided to do a weight and balance test and the model delightfully stayed afloat without much fuss! IMG_7232 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7231 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7230 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  2. Good Afternoon, Well that went well except I glued a LED wire under the Deck and a cross beam but that sorted now and the little Light rewired and the LED working under the Bow which will look nice on Sailing a dusk which I have never done! I then soldered up some White metal and Brass rod for the voice pipes for the Bridge and started on the Binnacle using some 9mm dowl and coffer sticks sanded smooth! Needs to be Paint next. The Bow plate was also glued down with PVA and Left to Dry and then the edges were filled in with P39 Car Filler and then sanded smooth, Well the f
  3. Some for boats and some for the Starter motor on the IC equipped RC Aeroplanes, some Are Defunct Batteries and are used for weights for other projects as I do a bit of Railway modelling too!
  4. Good Morning, Work in the dockyard continues with some massive step taken, all the wiring is complete internally for the lights in the hull , Superstructure, mice little Prewired LED were installed. Also work on installing a Bright LED into the Search light and this was completed and tested as well as a Reed switch operated by the transmitter, its not latching so I used the off option with the on happening at the flick of a lever on the tranny. At the rear of the light Silver foil at the back was glued on to give a Mirror appearance. ( know I show it back to front and t
  5. Thats came out very nice and delighted to hear I have the struggle x 6 to get through at some stage....
  6. What a lovely Model , Captures these work horses very well indeed, Sad to hear they will be gone this year though
  7. Exactly, Not being a ship modeller this info from Jamie was invaluable to be honest and has really set the model alive! The lighter Scheme was annoying me and is more suited to modern ships hence the question in the first place. I prefer to be put right at the onset rather than having it all painted up and then told!
  8. As the Red Arrows Say Smoke on go! Mister is from Marks Model Bits, Clever system using Water only which is blown up the pipe by a little Fan. Unit is run off of 24V so a Step up is needed. Fan is run from 12V and some electronic Wizardry is needed to keep the fan going ni the same direction. IMG_7184 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7186 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7187 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7188 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  9. Hi Arjan, Yes this yoke is very heavy and the pond we use in Cork is not really easy to get too as the nearest road the council have turned it into a pedestrian walkway so we cant park at the closest spot, Then there were Steps down to the Pond! The other option will be to park and as you say Trolley this yoke down to were we launch from which is a pain as it is a long haul. There are a nice bunch of guys and they can assist, I have to make some kind of Cradle to drop it in an out of the water but I plan to be moving this with as little Weight as possible. T
  10. Forgot to add I was in the office last week and decided to print off some Telegraph faces, Barometer faces, clock Maps and a Piccy of the King for the Wheel House deck. Of course I forgot Measure it so struck it lucky with the Sizes I choose. I Stuck the Telegraph one on with PVA Card glue. Looks ok I think! Still drying in the pic. IMG_7179 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7178 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7177 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  11. Morning all, Well happy with the Deck being level now and I have relocated the porthole now slightly lower now so well pleased, Just used P39 for the Filler. IMG_7176 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr The Next Thing I decided to tackle was done on Sunday am when I snuck out to the shed instead of laying Patio slabs, That lasted till 2 before the Fun Extractor called me for work duties. Anyhow got the Leccy Tested and she Runs, Little glitch in that the Viper Speed Controller, the on/off switch would not budge and after some pressure just fell apart so I will
  12. Just tuning in here Greg to see the Enemy! looks Pretty Snazzy!
  13. After much deliberation it was a case of 2 steps forward 1 step back what ever I was going to do., I took the high side down, Easiest option really. The next issue is relocation of one of the Starboard Portholes as that was placed too high. Need to get some P39 for that me thinks. It seems to be all plumb now, Wheelhouse deck, Main deck and Foredeck. Just need to do the leccy stuff and then the decks get be stuck on and the funs starts then! IMG_7168 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7167 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr Need to re sit that porthole lower now,
  14. Good Afternoon Gents, Thanks for the comment so far folks, Looking forward to the weekend now! Still working away on this one, Lots of tidying up with the white metal parts and my order from Cornwall Model Boats arrived with the replacement cowl vents which look fab, I think they look to be 3D printed. I was hoping to have the sound unit installed but these are not able from Action just yet so I have installed the speaker and I will work on how to install the other wiring but the next big step will be the sticking the deck on permanently and after placi
  15. Another bit done today The Boat Yard is on O/T this week. Back to work tomorrow after the week off the Cabin and superstucture Windows in, Gun Platform more or less done I need to get better cowl vents and the ones supplied are just very poor and too thin to tidy up as per the pics and the hole that has appeared in the one I tried to do. and the leccy stuff is being worked on and where best to place what is needed where, Although it is huge hull the batteries and smoke unit take up a fair bit of space. Need some thought to go into that next step as the aperture to the
  16. Bit more done this week as had a weeks hols off work divided between the garden and the shed. The finishing touches were to replace the Rivet heads lost whilst tidying up the superstructure. The first coat overlaid was done over some black pre-shading. I must admit the Darker grey suits it brilliantly and makes it more warlike! IMG_7109 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7108 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7113 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7112 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7111 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IM
  17. Stern Gun tub access Grab Rails done and surrounding Hand Rails yesterday, Some goodies from the UK arrived with no customs charges...result. Plus then an order from the LMS came with a Creme Egg which is now history! Just building the Speaker box now. IMG_7107 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7105 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7104 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  18. Hi Jamie, Thanks for That and for the Photos, Very interesting especially the Black bottom! I ended up doing a re spray into a Darker grey last night, the Light greys looked a bit to Modernish really so I am glad that I got some feed back before I had most of this done. That is a great help. These are taken with a flash but you can see the light grey on the front locker and there is a bit drop in shades! Your model is quite spectacular too. I notice a curios Black and white marking on the Rat lines on one of the imagines you kindly sh
  19. Tks Jamie, Appreciate the input. when i meant a few hues probably Pre/post shading and weather etc so it is not a 1 colour grey blob! I'm not really a Ship bloke, Just like building and history is Mostly Aeroplanes so limited Knowledge on these Ships plus the fact there is not a whole lot on the internet that stood out on the exact Grey. I've limited access to paints here so could you advise the closest colour in the Humbrol // Revell Range to Home Fleet grey, I tried a few different hues but some were just too Dark for my liking. a Quick Search reveals 14
  20. Morning all, Slow Progress on this one but 2 days over we weekend in the shed moved it on somewhat, Few Steps forward and a couple back ! Started Detailing the wheel house interior with a few bits on bobs to make it interesting. Crew Companions and stowage lockers were made up from 1mm ply, Sanded and sealed ready for painting. Hand rails around the wheel house were a right pain to get right but are now in situ and make it pop a bit. The Stern gun tub was build up from Styrene and came out pretty will, My last tube of Green Stuff coming into play here. (what will I do n
  21. Another thread Maybe, I am only playing on Play Station so not as fancy a set up as most lads I'd say. I Spend most of the time on fire!! But hey I'd give it a shot, I don't have a head set or any of that Jazz.
  22. The ol Panther is not doing me any Favours in Warthunder though even with all that Armour!
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