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  1. I have had another look at the photo it's possible that this is a Chinese company building ready made models for the (all in the box) markets, like Bismark etc available from Graupner, Cheers
  2. These are of Yamato they are not Tamiya they are made by another Japanese kit company, whose name eludes me, they are or were the largest injection moulded plastic kits. They are approximately 4ft long they used to be available in the UK for £500, But no longer available except in Japan and the USA, the only other large scale Yamato is 1/96 which put's her at 9ft long made by Fleetscale, but it's a semi-kit, why there are so many part built models there I can't say. Cheers
  3. Absolutely astounding model of a Mossie, congratulations. Cheers
  4. And before I forget which I did, I picked up an emergency squawk for a F16 in the states, doing a rather rapid decent. Cheers
  5. No Rick it was definitely grey, no camouflage, and I couldn't see the driver!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers
  6. So work this one out guys I went into FR24 on my phone today, and near Exeter there was a van, yup a van, so highlighted it and it turned out to be a privately owned 757, on T-MLAT, anyone tell me why it was highlighted as a van? Cheers
  7. I really find that disheartening considering what is involved, ie aircraft, at air shows it;s fast jets aerobatic displays, warbirds. When you consider it, at model aircraft shows they have incredibly strict rules, especially the larger model aircraft, owners have to be registered, and qualified to operate them, and restricted to a certain distance from the public during displays. We all acknowledge that accidents will happen, whether it's a full sized aircraft or a model, however the rules and regulations are written so that pilots and the public are kept safe. Cheers
  8. I had a running version of the Big Boy at one time can't remember who made it, a very impressive Locomotive, however I could only run it on the outer curves, as it couldn't cope with inner curves, good luck with build. Cheers
  9. It certainly looked like it, I one of them I noticed had been several circuits, far more than the others, just on a different point, in FR24 i have been able to track Hawk jets, they usually have a dart shape on my phone, but no longer picking them up, watched one today, but never picked it up.Anyone else got this problem?
  10. I have to agree with the previous comments, this could potentially affect airshows like RIAT, which is extremely well organised, so what about the Red Arrows displays? and talking about insurance I belong to a small model boat club we only sail either yachts or electric powered models no fast boats at all, but the local council insisted we had to have public liability insurance in case one of the yachts, or one of our electric powered boats jumped out of the pond and hit someone, which is a big ZERO, but we have to comply. Cheers
  11. That would certainly explain it Jasman 71 there was also an horrendous amount of air traffic over London at the time. Cheers
  12. Did anyone notice 5 commercial aircraft being held in a holding pattern off the coast of North Devon, all of them had come over from the States, also we had 3 Royal Navy Beechcraft flying around above Barnstaple area. Cheers
  13. I was given this kit as a Christmas present, years ago I built the GR1 and F3 versions, whilst not brilliant they were at that time the only ones available in that scale so I wanted to see how much this one differed, cockpit seats have far more detail, and good detail under the air brakes if you have them lifted up. However I have run into problems with assembly, forward fuselage halves were tacked to allow for sanding down raised surfaces where they joined, I found that the intake doors once fitted wouldn't allow the intake cowling to fit, and had to be altered,so currently i have assembled the forward sections with nose wheel strut in place, I have also attached the lower rear section of the fuselage behind the cockpit. Inside the cockpit i have installed lights in the instrument panels, as well as landing light on front strut, I have also fitted navigation lights to air intakes, I will add the other navigation lights to the wings and lights to the upper and lower fuselage. My dear friend John sprayed the aircraft in gloss black for me, I tried to fit the tiger stripes to the forward fuselage but had an awful game with the decals, just couldn't get them to match up so I hand painted them on, so currently no wings fitted or main undercaraige, and tail is only loosely fitted as I want to put navigation/collision lights in it. I will post photo's as soon as I can. Cheers
  14. What a phenominaly detailed model, truly astounding thanks for sharing Pete Cheers Ray
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