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  1. If I would buy the current C-130H boxing and would like to make early Hercules C.1 in RAF, what should I change except decals?
  2. From 'outside UK' perspective the difference is much bigger: Direct import from S&M is like 41.50GBP*, compared with 29.50GBP* importing through Ukrainian e-shop. *Equvalent price in GBP for one Canberra kit from order of two with combined shipping, including postage cost and PayPal fees.
  3. In 2020 Airfix is to release two new tool 1/72nd Sherman Vc Fireflies: A02341 Sherman Firefly A55003 Small Beginners Set Sherman Firefly + additionally A50186 Classic Conflict Tiger 1 vs Sherman Firefly (which contain beginners firefly) It is worth to notice that these are not the same! For sure beginners kit is represented with no stowage and rubber bloke T41/T51 tracks, while "full kit" has stowage and T62 steel chevron tracks. But if we look closely to details, it appears to me that beginners set have one piece tracks with wheels, bogeys moulded in and with inner track teeths on whole track width (just as in Italeri "wargames approved" 2 kit pack Shermans). But in A02341 we can see correctly represented 2 rows of inner track tenths and bogey as separate part. For me, excluding Vulcan, this is the biggest news, as Sherman V (M4A4) was always a problem in 1:72 scale. Matchbox was too small to put next to 1:72 Shermans, Armourfast too poor in details, Dragon too scare to get in larger quantities (or at all sometimes), UM too laborious. Right there Airfix is highly welcomed. I just worry that Airfix is going with rubber track shoes and hard plastic connectors (well it is like this coloured on renders) andf it bothers me as I never saw it in plastic model and I expect "issues" here. Time will tell.
  4. It is as you stated. If there would be B.6 intakes it could be done. So far I haven't contacted anybody. AMP seems to be "paper" company without any form of contact. I will probably try through MikroMir.
  5. Two weeks ago I received backordered AMP T.11 boxing and I was quite surprised. Comparing it to what we have seen in inbox reviews from 2018, now instead of B.2 fuselage halves and wings we are getting B.6 ones. It wouldn't be much of a bother (as differences are minor), if not a fact that B.6 wings have a recessed 10x10mm square cut, from wing leading edge, into wing, for different air intakes. That means in current AMP boxing you can't make plane OOB as you are lacking parts. This doesn't seem to be packing error, as manual was updated to new box content and at assembly it simple "misses" mentioned problem.
  6. Hi all, That's my first model here :-) BAC Jet Provost T.5, 3 FTS, The Swords aerobatic team, 1974; Kit: Sword SW72089 Made basically OOB, with addition of DIY seatbelts and protective bar(?) behind the seats. Kit in fact have two natures: While the basic elements (wings, fusalege) fits well, the details won't go so straitforward. Front lamp needed drill to fit into fusalage, windscreen and canopy are 1,5mm to wide compared to fusalage. I saw on this forum somebody who decided to add plasticard beetween halfs. Well, I decided to glue clear parts, while holding them and with plastic deformation get the proper shape. It goes ok, although I received on one side tiny scratches visible on certain agle (I probably avoided them in photos), but if you would be more delicate than me you could avoid them. Techmod decal from kit was soo thin that I started to have problems while positioning the smallest marks. Although colours (metalic gold!) and letters (1/3mm high, readable stensils, wow!) were on highest level (too high for me in fact). Painting done with aero and brushes. next time I will try to reduce usage of second. there was a lot of retouch done to this painting, (eg: I damaged blue strip and i had to handbrush it to proper shape.) The Red colour is Tamiya Red with significant amount of Yellow. The model was awarded "Model of the Month" by IPMS Kraków. Next time I will try to fight the dust, during photos better... and find less scratched mirror paper. Hope you enjoy it! ;D edit: There was image hosting issue reuploaded somwhere else
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