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  1. So was Percy Werfer a German gardener ?
  2. Offer has been extended......" Following the success of our Black Friday sale, we have decided to turn it into a mid season sale! Keep enjoying 20% off your entire cart until Friday 12/3 with the code "BlackFriday21"
  3. Braille Strike decals (both 1/72 & 1/35) have a discount of 20% off the range until midnight GMT today 26/11.......use code BlackFriday21 https://braillestrike.com/en/
  4. The pictures have captured that 'being there' momment.
  5. and the Spanish Inquisition
  6. recently bought on ebay
  7. is probably named Bart
  8. there are Ritz crackers
  9. like battery powered millipedes
  10. trendy trainers are worn
  11. been to visit Chernobyl
  12. from exposing southern region
  13. no spares are available
  14. stop taking the p........ (in the words of the great Ronnie Barker...' ptarmigan it begins with a 'p' and you'd be advised to to the same!' Said with a Scottish accent,) (or 'don't stand t' close to the fire or you'll get yer Bannock's burned! ', again in a Scottish accent)
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