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  1. The DH-89 I think is one of those eternally beautiful planes. I also built my Heller... I made it from the SCW of the tricolor side. Surely I will have used a lot of cement for plastic because I remember that one month after I finished it, the entire upper wing had twisted... It took me longer to build it than it did in the showcase. Finally I gave it to my niece, little at the time, who really enjoyed it between playmobils and figures. Anxiously waiting to see how the livery and floats will suit it. ^ ^
  2. hahaha... Surely, I couldn't help but follow Master Moa's heretical path. But he also had his days of rebellion, and in the fight against the iconoclasts, someone did not notice the image of the Moa pantocrator. That image is the one that definitely continues to drive us to find this shinny light in the golden years of historical aviation. ^ ^
  3. Yes, we attended the same Monastery..., but I a few decades later... There were only the traces of his heresies left... ^ ^
  4. Thanks guys... My English is very bad... I used to say "padded cockpit", but as @pheonix says, the correct thing is "coamings around the cockpits". I will try to incorporate it into my vocabulary... ^ ^
  5. Hi all... Some images about the progress of the London & Provincial typ. IV School Biplane and G-EAQW Fuselage Biplane project. We were at the stage of simulating the fabric. Well..., the entire open area where it should not be painted was covered, and saturate with paint the entire surface where we had previously simulated the ribs and other details that should be noted underneath the "fabric". After a week of letting the paint dry well, the sanding process comes. We had to look for the edge of the rib, masking, water and 320 and 360 sandpaper, and patiently start s
  6. Dear Ed... Thanks!.. it is a pleasure to read your comment. I'm glad to know that you were interested in the story... (I just edited it because I forgot to write a paragraph at first. Now the text is complete). ^ ^ Matías
  7. Dear @Moa It's no big deal, don't cry that your glasses will be tarnished. In addition, the macrame is the territory of Mrs. V Better we keep with the plastics than the wish list is very long... ^ ^
  8. Thanks!... There are so many talented colleagues throughout the world, and very generous, who have shared their knowledge and time, the internet has helped a lot to get to know them, and for my part just trying to learn and imitate them. Luckily some things come out... ^ ^
  9. Hi all... At the urging of the friend @Moa, I decided to rescue a scratch that I had archived for four years and get down to work again with him, and publish it here on Britmodeller. I hope it is in the interest of the community. A brief history. The former Stag Lane aerodrome, if we are located throughout the '20s, was undoubtedly synonymous with De Havilland. But in the previous decade another story ran in those grounds. In the context of the first months of the WWI, the confirmation of the aeroplane as a new military "tool", and the growing need for pilo
  10. My dear friend @Moa... I thought I already had some things posted around here, but I only have two posts. Well, in a little while (when I finish translating the text) I'll publish something that you've incited me to feel like finishing it... ^ ^
  11. Hello everyone. I'm still new here..., so here I'm trying my second message. These are my works in progress. For now, all suspended in different stages of construction, for some error that requires a major correction, for boredom, or because the stage that begins requires special attention, especially the development of engines... Anyway, now I am dedicated to some works that occupy me all the time, so necessarily there they will be waiting for the best moment to be finished. Artigau 'Coronel Pringles' ... it was an airplane of Argentine manufacture that f
  12. Hello... I greet the community from Argentina. I see that I joined Britmodeller in 2015, but I never wrote anything... I can assure you that I'm not a ghost! ^ ^ I am a lover of everything that has wings produced between 1919 and 1939... I am also very tempted by the WWI planes, and the beautiful curves of any time (of some planes too). Although the interwar world is usually silvery with some well-documented colors, being a ghost can sometimes be very convenient at the moment of interpreting lost livery in b/w. I embrace this hobby from the scratch, drawings, and som
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