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  1. Hi everyone, It's been a while since my last post and it's about time I get back on here. Today I'm sharing a build that just finished up a couple weeks ago. It's Fujimi's 1/20 Ferrari F92A (reboot of an old Modeler's kit). The Ferrari F92A was Ferrari's challenger for the 1992 F1 season. And it was one hell of a challenge. Equipped with an ill-designed active suspension and experimental aerodynamics, the car proved to be an absolute handful. The drivers were Ivan Capelli, an up-and-coming young driver, and Jean Alesi, a man no-one in the paddock could argue lacked talent. Both drivers struggled mightily, to the point that it derailed Capelli's career. Both drivers would later say it was the worst car they every drove. Alesi took 2 podiums to Capelli's none, and Ferrari limped to a distant 4th in the championship. The kit is a nice, basic affair that yearns for more detail. I started with carbon fiber decals from Scale Motorsports covering the floors and wings. I also added cigarette decals from Tabu and used the kit decals for the rest of the car. Wing wires in the front and rear driveshafts were made from metal rod. I added some detail to the cockpit with a set of Eduard's pre-colored photoetch. It's a lovely product and I will use this much more often. The exhausts were lacking in detail and the airbox was lacking in existence, so both were covered by 3D printed parts from Shapeways. They were nice to work with. A little sanding and Tamiya primer and they were good to go. Extensive wiring and plumbing was done with solder and various sizes of fishing wire. Body paint is TS8 from Tamiya, while the rest of the car is finished with Vallejo acrylics. Thanks for looking! Jake
  2. Hello everyone, Apologies for not being around the past few months. I just moved across the country and have only recently had time to model and remembered my Britmodeller login information! This is my latest and first build since moving to New York City. I built an original release of the 1956 Connaught Type B Grand Prix car. It was a fun little kit and provided opportunities to spruce it up a it. I added mesh intake covers, fairings over the carburetors and exhaust manifold, drilled out the exhaust cover, added chassis tubing, a radiator, and weld seams for the exhaust. The tartan seat was painted by brush with the help of Tamiya tape for curves. The metal finish in the interior is cut from a Coke can. Finally my addiction pays off! Thanks for looking, Jake Better shot of the interior panelling.
  3. Hi everyone, Here's a build I finished a while back but neglected to upload photos of. I built Tamiya's wonderful 1/20 Lotus Coventry-Climax 25. I finished it in the livery Jim Clark (in my opinion the greatest racer of all time) won the 1963 South African Grand Prix with. Clark led every single lap, won by over a minute, and lapped every car except Dan Gurney. It was his seventh win of the season - out of nine races. I used Tamiya Racing Green for the body and a combination of Alclad and Vallejo acrylics for everything else. The kit was a joy to build. The only problem is the engine cover doesn't quite fit right, but I'll display with it off anyway. I used IndyCals for much of the build, they were great as always. I'll be checking eBay and my local hobby shop for another one of these, it was a wonderful kit. As always, comments and critiques are appreciated. Thanks for looking, Jake
  4. Hi all, Here are some pictures of my latest finished project, Ebbro's MP4/30 midseason version. I was hoping it would be a quick build, but I had quite a few issues. Almost all were fault of the modeller. I added a harness and an aluminum tube for the exhaust. I also cut some brass rod for the driveshafts and did some carbon decalling on the suspension arms. I used TS-40 Metallic Black for the paintwork. As always, comments are welcome, Jake
  5. Nice work! I've always wanted to build this, but the paint scheme was always too intimidating.
  6. Hi all, Here is my latest build - the Hasegawa 1/24 Porsche 962. A fun little build, this kit was re-released midway through last year. I finished it as the Omron 962 Vern Schuppan ran with great success in Japan in 1989. This is chassis 962-008, which was earlier in life a factory Rothmans car and the red/yellow Shell/Dunlop car the Andrettis drove at Le Mans in 1988. I used Tamiya lacquers for the paintwork and acrylics for the weathering. I used a little "artistic license" with the paintwork. As always, comments and critiques are very welcome. Thanks for looking, Jake
  7. John, this is a remarkable build. The exhaust staining is spot on and your metal finishes (especially on the rear wing mount) are as good as I've ever seen!
  8. Hi everyone, My first build of 2017. I built Tamiya's 1/24 Porsche 961 kit. The kit is very simple and a snap-together kit. I believe it was originally an R/C kit, hence the simplicity. I added a few details, namely the radio antenna, mesh at the rear, a windshield wiper, and mirrors leftover from by Ebbro Tyrrell 003 build. I weathered the car to make it look like it did when it finished a remarkable 7th in the 1986 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car currently sits in Rothmans livery at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. As always, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking, Jake
  9. Hi everyone, My last build of 2016 - and one I finished with about an hour before New Years. This is Ebbro's lovely 1/20 Tyrrell 003. I finished it in the specification and livery that Jackie Stewart drove to victory in the 1971 German Grand Prix. He stormed to a half-minute win over Fran├žois Cevert in the Tyrrell 002. It was one of Stewart's six victories in 1971 that propelled him to his second World Championship. He also drove the 003 through most of 1972, taking 2 more wins. Overall, the Ebbro kit was delightful. The Ebbro Cosworth DFV is a much easier build than Tamiya's, and the extensive decal and spec options allowed my to put together the German GP version, despite it not being an official option in the kit. Overall fit was excellent, just a little trouble with the rear wing mount. my favorite part of the kit was the one-piece, metal mounts for those mirrors - they saved a great deal of time and swearing! I used Tamiya TS-5 Blue for the bodywork and a mix of Alclads and Vallejo for the rest of the car. The Tyrrell alongside my other Ebbro build - the 1968 Lotus 49 as campaigned by Rob Walker. It's amazing to see the rate of development in just 3 years. Thanks for looking, Jake
  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm always humbled by your kindness. Sadly not, I was planning on it but the build was progressing so quickly that I never had the chance to! I just started Ebbro's Tyrrell 002, I'll definitely be making a thread for it! That would be a very fun project - the wingless 49 looked great in the gold, red and white too. I used IndyCals for most of this build and I was pretty pleased with them. My only gripe was the white was a little thin and in some angles the blue shows through the white band.
  11. Nice work! The yellow and green look spot on. This is one of the few Tamiya F1 kits I don't have, I'll have to have a look around eBay for one of these. Great job on the decal work as well, it must've taken forever!
  12. This is awesome! Believe it or not I've got Brawn decals on the way for this very project with the F60 donor kit.
  13. Incredible attention to detail! The airbrake mechanism detail is my favorite part.
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