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  1. An exploration team from Mars Base 12, on a routine survey mission, discovers something unexpected. The astronauts are Tamiya 1/35 Iraqi War figures converted with some putty and sheet styrene, and the heads are good ol' Celluclay on styrofoam. THe base is also Celluclay on styrofoam, with lots of beach sand and some railroad ballast secured to it with plenty of white glue. I was inspired by the cover of an old sci-fi pulp magazine and by photos of the face on Mars. Trying for something vaguely human with the heads. I think it works. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  2. thanks. I was more inspired by the Emperor's Royal guard, but Maximillian works just as well. Even better, actually.
  3. My weekend results. I was taking a break from another project (which will be coming soon) and dashed off this. The soldiers are 1/35 Tamiya Iraqi War figures (their brothers are central to the other project) with some green-stuff added to bring them into the future, and the display is made of sheet styrene and spare parts (mostly parts of tanks and old cars). I also wired up a green LED for the inside of the airlock, but it isn't showing in the photos. Probably about seven hours work of work on this over two days, with maybe an hour of that just rifling through my spares drawer. The only thing I would've done differently is to take some work-in-progress shots just to illustrate what I used.
  4. We watched the space station go over our home a few nights ago, and it blew my oldest daughters' mind that she could see something so far but so near.
  5. This pirate approves of your bonny vessel, matey!
  6. the figgies are pre-painted - I went to the local railroad store and picked out the N-scale figures that looked the most like a trawler crew (take a look and you'll see one that's clearly a train engineer. I need to go back and modify him).
  7. I really don't know which corner of my imagination this came from, but here it is - I call it "Sushi the Hard Way". Made from wire, foil and Sculpey and painted with Vallejo acrylics, these to mortal enemies are fighting it out to the end. It's a new thing for me, modelling nature, and I'm happier with the whale than I am with the squid. It's identifiable, which is a plus, and it'll be a conversation piece for whoever sees it.
  8. I finished this beast off last night and finally took some photos. It's Revell's North Sea Fishing Trawler on a scratchbuilt base. She's built pretty well straight out of the box and painted up with Vallejo and Model Master acrylics. I added some N-scale figures to the deck to make it a little more lifelike (a first for me), a new made of cheesecloth and some cotton smoke. I'll admit it right away - I was very influenced by Beefy66's Fishy Rust Bucket build of last year, even though I'd bought the kit before his work was posted. His work on the cabin windows and the salt-job to simulate chipped paint inspired me to try it myself, and I'm happy with the work. [/URL]
  9. So far so good. My first model (also the TOS Enterprise, but coincidence) looked like a puddle of puke, and I wouldn't have dared try lighting it. This one's gonna be good!
  10. that's simply beautiful (or magnifique!). I love the rusty detail.
  11. I will also vouch for Model Land. THe will power one needs in that store is off the chart.
  12. Welcome. Happy to see the Alberta contingent growing.
  13. Oops. Bad choice of words - I'd even just gone to your blog and read that they're scratchbuilt (should've said "builds"). That'll teach me to post on the internet before the coffee's kicked in...
  14. Seeing these kits of yours is enough to inspire me to try it.
  15. The more Canadians, the better! We will dominate, and we will apologize. Welcome aboard.
  16. that's a great looking model. Nice work. But I'm still waiting for the punchline - why DO they call them Thai fighters?!
  17. Ak! Ak-ak-ak! Ak-ak-ak-ak! AK! translated from Martian: I like it. Good work.
  18. Wonderful work, is this. Proud, should you be.
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