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  1. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Cheers Blastvader. So many likes...thankyou oileanach. It's deffo a werid looking mecha...so many different influences go into its design, but it kinda works...i think. I've just moved house and it's still in storage at the mo. I'm hoping it's survived the move...Can't wait to get back to it. Cheers Charlie.
  2. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    All things being well n good this should be back on the bench v soon...
  3. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Thankyou John. I'm right handed and it's my right wrist and elbow that I've fractured. It's sooo strange trying to do things with my left hand, even the most mundane of tasks, not wanting to lower the tone...but try wiping your bottom with your other hand!! It just feels wrong!! I was really enjoying the kit too, and felt I was making good progress. Then this. But we'll get there. Cheers Charlie.
  4. Charlie1967

    Bandai 1/144 'Hi-Mock'

    Haha like it!! Is he having an oil change?? Cheers Charlie.
  5. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Thankyou Hunter. I'll be in plaster for a month then may need some physio after that. Cheers Charlie.
  6. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Yes I was there, it was a good day and a good turn out and standard of work. Yes I know the tyneside club, been a few times as I lived in Gosforth for a few years. Thankyou for the best wishes regarding my arm. Yes, my mistake. The Sun Inn is in Morpeth your rite. Cheers Charlie.
  7. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Hi Paul. Haha yeah something like that. No I did it at work. So I'm in plaster for a month. And rattling with all the pain killers I'm taking. I'm a member of the Washington model club, but must admit I haven't been for a while due to work and family commitments. And I did kind of loose my modeling mojo for a while. Are there any clubs up your way?? Did you go to the show at North tyneside leisure centre this year?? Only been to Blyth a few times had a nice meal in the Sun Inn. Do you know it?? Cheers Charlie
  8. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Hi, Vader. Thankyou, glad your enjoying the build. Tho its on hold at the moment, as on Friday the bloody 13th, I fractured my wrist and radial head in my elbow. Ouch!! I'm from sunny south shields. Tho not to sunny today. Cheers Charlie.
  9. Charlie1967

    Bandai 1/12 Stormtrooper

    Lurrrve this John!! The pose really puts the action into action figure action. First one I've seen with the joints filled. ..makes for a more coherent look. V well done...I'll have a dozen. Cheers Charlie.
  10. Lurrrve this mike. Just the rite amount of tatooine-y weathering. I'd personally like to see a TIE fighter pilot in this scale. Cheers, Charlie.
  11. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Hi everyone, hope your well. Ive managed to finish the shoulder armour parts, they just slip over the arms and really give them some bulk. I might add some lifting points to it. Without armour... And with... Ive also added 3, 5mm magnets to the rear engine cover and corresponding body parts so it can be removed to expose the detail and then placed back with a satisfying click. I must say sorry for the picture quality, as im only using my phone camera. If im a good boy santa might bring me a camera. any suggestions to a half decent one?? Thanks for looking. Charlie.
  12. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Thanks Hunter. Yeah I think most modelers have a stash of odds n sods, that might just come in handy on day. It's a bit of a snake pit behind the head, but think I can squeeze in more. More soon. Cheers Charlie.
  13. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Thankyou hope sun. (living in the northeast of England, that should be my name haha) It's a kewl looking kit, well in my opinion it is, but I realise it's not everyone's cup of tea. And due to the cost its a one off purchase. I'm not sure if it's in production at the moment, but it's sure to be in the future. Keep an eye on the industria mechanika website. Still got some smaller details to add, smoke discharges, aerials etc. And still can't get the lower part of the cockpit hatch to sit correctly grrrr. And more cables to add to the arms and torso to legs. So still more to play with... Cheers Charlie.
  14. Charlie1967

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Thankyou Will. I've built a few forgeworld resin kits in the past, but I'm definitely no expert in resin. And not wanting to put them down, but some of the quality has been bad, huge mould slippage resulting in massive steps in parts, huge bubbles, lots of bits of snot/ruff texture on parts, warping etc. Quality dosent seam to be there strong point though I love some of there designs. So it was a leap of faith when i ordered the Briegel - but I just had to have one. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the parts in this kit. You can tell the leg parts are a newer part of the design as the castings are crisper compared to the the rest of the original body that is slightly softer in detail. I'm not saying it's perfect mind, I guess no resin kit is due to its nature. But under a coat or three of primer/finished paint/heavy weathering I think it will be passable. Thanks for the link to hlj, these look just the job but at 1/144 scale maybe be a bit small...but I've ordered 2 anyway. Thanks for the input its much appreciated. Cheers Charlie.