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  1. Here we are again. Tonight's installment is the second front brake disc and caliper - Start to finish. You get the main bulk of the caliper in the packet; the main wheel rod and housing was supplied and fixed together in the issue prior. There are several areas that need to be prep'd prior to just sticking it together, namely the disc where the paint is scraped back to the original plastic. And the calipers where the small triangle tabs get the same treatment... These are then stuck together respectively and the small grey inserts are added to the calipers... With all the parts no
  2. As promised... Some 'rare' Moflbero decals. Or Marlboro if you want to go maverick and stray from the instructions!
  3. Thanks all, I will usually look to update on the weekend (if not sooner) as I spend my weeknights doing a little freelance design so apologies if the updates aren't fast and furious: Colin - Yes, the finish on the paint is pretty impressive; glossy and looks every bit like the original! Sean and Stu - My decals arrived unexpected through the door a few weeks ago. Made me smile as they advertised it as "Moflbero" But to my relief there are spares to make it the authentic Marlboro MP4. I'll post a photo of them tonight. Thanks for your comments and I hope to meet all your expectations wi
  4. Yeah of course, It recommends use of 3 glues but I have to admit I have stuck (pardon the pun) with super glue. There are some areas held with the smallest screws which I'll try to show in more details as I go on. They also advise using ABS glue which I have for the smaller areas... It evaporates far too quick to use on anything long than an inch or two!
  5. I admit that this first post isn't a step-by-step from the first pack so I'm picking this up from about Stage 4(ish). Completed so far are the front and rear wings, one of the front brake discs with caliper and the start of the engine.
  6. Evening all. Welcome to my little corner of BritModeller; long time viewer, first time post(er). So... My MP4/4. I had previously built the MP4/23 that Degostini had released which went okay but was pretty giddy about this release. For anyone that loves F1, I think a part of us were all a fan of Senna and to be able to build this iconic machine was a must. Juggling a young family and starting design business meant I had the luxury of having ALL the pieces arrive month by month and no time to build it... Until now... Mwah ha ha! So, enough of the waffle, on to my attempt to build this 1:8th
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