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  1. So happy to read these news!! May I just ask to GWH to take all the time they need to produce a perfect kit (even though I am sure there will be some grumbling people)? Another question, can somebody show a picture with the difference between the aft of the intakes seeable pleeeease? I didn't find it! Thanks! PZR
  2. I love the beasty lines of this aircraft, especially the smt. Well done and thanks for your advice about the akan set! PZR
  3. Your work is really interesting. These completely original skins are far more eye catcher than the low viz schemes and it make me look at the Tomcat's lines another way. What software do you use to draw your ideas? It can be a very nice tool! Cheers PZR
  4. Hello! Here is the belly. I said yesterday I needed only mr surfacer except on one place: you can see some yellow epoxy putty near the exhaust. My fault, I dug this place too much because the fit of the piece B10 seemed strange to me. Comments and critics are welcome! Have a nice Sunday PZR
  5. Thanks Antoine, I hope so! I will avoid some little mistakes I did on the Bf 109. And surely make others on this one, otherwise it couldn't be funny More seriously, what looks like my Fishbed today? Something like that: And with better pictures it looks like that: All the putty it needs is mr surfacer 500 and 1200. Except a little place near the exhaust, but I will show it to you in my next post. Next step: rivetting the low rear part of the fuselage. Hope you like it!
  6. Thanks all for your very nice comments! I really appreciate. Thanks Michael! One of those days I will be Swiss also maybe Thanks Antoine! Radio wire is not so sophisticate, it's just Uschi van der Rosten's ez line. Wonderful product that I tested for the first time, you don't need to overglue or cute with a "one micron accuracy". Next step... the Croatian Beauty, then the wonderful Su 33, then a F15E, then maybe... the kinetic F18C with a swiss scheme of Nato Tiger Meet. ... Probably not before the next decade, I build models at a snail's pace!
  7. Link to the finished model: Thanks for watching! PZR
  8. Very nice subject, I'm gonna do one when I will be taller You did a lovely model and a very nice work on the cannon pods. PZR
  9. Hello! I started building this kit on March, 2015 and just finished it last January. It is a really good model (lot of details, wonderful surfaces) and the little problems are now solved with the new edition. Swiss colours add a flashy touch on the classic scheme... and my wife is from this nice country , so I decided to paint this Bf 109 this way. Some pictures: If you want more pics of the finished model, follow this link: http://fighters.forumactif.com/t81668-chocolat-fromage-etc-etc-enfin-l-o
  10. About the cockpit... the colour of the PE parts is not exactly the good one for a croatian Fishbed but I don't have the skills to scratchbuild and paint all these details, so it will be ok. And that's all for tonight. Thanks for watching, comments and critics are welcome! Good evening to every one PZR
  11. Thanks all! And sorry if I don't post lot of pictures but I'm really busy. However I have now glued the fuselage halves together, it means that cockpit is finished. But first some pics of the wing part of the wheel wells: It is important to check the references before painting. as an example, Eduard's notice tell to paint one of the fire extinguishers (on the right on the last picture) black instead of blue.
  12. Ok Ok ok!! The same parts painted and glued together: I love russian colours! My mistake was to paint the white parts with a brush on the green coat, it makes the surface not really smooth. Comments and critics are welcome. Have a nice day! PZR
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