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  1. Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, the camera on my phone doesn't work too well with these sort of close-up shots, I might try it with a proper camera sometime!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! The Jumbo has been joined by a friend... and an enemy. Again, italeri quickbuilds; M4A3 76mm Sherman and a Pz VI Tiger E First ever attempt at a whitewash camo, on the Sherman; didn't turn out that bad for a first try. The tiger has a lot more snow on it than the shermans! Again, subpar pictures, but you get the idea
  3. A nice, clean build! Great finish. And I can see those slight exhaust stains If it were me I might have dirtied it up a bit more, but it still looks really nice.
  4. Here is my recently completed Italeri 1/72 Sherman Jumbo, from their Quickbuild series. It has snow on it because it is for use in a Bastogne diorama I am starting work on... snow is krycell from Precision Ice & Snow. Good stuff. First time using it, too, bar tests . It is meant to be light snow, though I should have some more buildups. I haven't completely finished putting snow in the tracks and surrounds, and you can probably see some seams etc... and the .50 cal looks more like some sort of 20mm cannon, but it's a quickbuild for a reason, no? Photos were a bit rushed on my phone... honestly some are terrible pictures!! Need to clean the lens! Any feedback welcome, thanks for looking!
  5. That looks amazing! You have some great figure painting skills. It looks very realistic!
  6. Nice vehicle! I especially love the weathering, and the camo scheme is really nice.
  7. That's a beautiful warhawk! Lovely weathering!
  8. Stunning model! Enjoyed the WIP.
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