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  1. It's Tamiya I am sure it will be spectacular but these modern types are immensely uninteresting.
  2. Kotare are currently listed as one of the traders who are scheduled to be in attendance at this year's ScaleModelWorld at Telford. Not sure if that means we get to see final sprues of the 1/32nd Spitfire ahead of a release or actual kits to buy. Maybe we will see some future kit developments too.
  3. Thanks for your concern WhiteTiger and yes I can assure you I very nearly did drive straight home. Well done on your Bronze medal.
  4. @PDH Shows what I know and I stand corrected as I too have just had the email from Hannants saying the Beaufort is in stock.
  5. From what I have seen of the press releases relating to this kit it still has the feel of something that is in production and the delivery date is a bit off yet. Just my feeling.
  6. At the risk of dashing the hopes of anyone who still wishes to see a 1/48 Blenheim IV from Airfix I will reitirate what I was told by the Airfix the guys on the stand at Telford a few years ago when the Blenheim Mk.1 was revealed. They told me that they had NO plans to follow up the Mk.1 with a Mk.IV. I did think it strange but that was what they said.
  7. Yes that rumour was flying about on a previous thread on BM prior to the Phantom kit being announced. Not sure whether there was any substance to it but I for one would welcome a new tooled P-40E. In 1/48th scale please.
  8. Hey KingTiger435 I think I know which one you were. Long hair and you had a foreign sounding name. You won a medal at the end as I recall.
  9. Great picture and some nice models King Tiger. Which of the above ones are yours? It was great to be back at Scale Scotland today even if the kit I intended putting in the competitioin didn't quite survive the trip up from Ayrshire in one piece. I won't tell you how mad I was to see bits broken off when I arrived. Nearly went straight back home in a rage. To be honest it wouldn't have won anything anyway and it was obvious hat this was the first model show back since Covid by how many entries there were in the competition. Not sure if it was true but I did overhear one guy say that there was over 350 entries spread across all the classes.
  10. The Kotare Spitfire thread seems to have lurched into a debate on economics!
  11. One alteration on the website to the demos is that instead of Andrew Argent demonstrating rust, AFV and AIR Modeller magazine editor David Parker is now demonstrating his figure techniques.
  12. This looks like it will be a very comprehensive kit. I see they've produced some Tamiya mixes for the Dark Earth and the Duck Egg Blue. Not sure how accurate they might be. After seeing this posting I am really looking forward to this one now. Thanks for sharing.
  13. ICM posted some CAD images of the sprues and box on their website. https://icm.com.ua/aviation/bristol-beaufort-mk-i-2/
  14. Blimey! Some really cracking photographs you've taken. Great to see them.
  15. Still no sign of it. I know there's a war on but since it's announcement details relating to the ICM Beaufort have been a bit vague to say the least. Personally I'm not holding my breath for it appearing this month
  16. The modelling demos at this year's Scale Scotland are confirmed as follows; Andrew Argent - Rust Steve Mitton - Airbrush Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez - Figure Painting Lester Plaskitt - Vehicles Details on the website here; https://www.scalescotland.co.uk/copy-of-the-venue-1
  17. Fascinating stuff this discussion about British wartime colours and made all the more interesting by the addition of the colour photos. I'm glad it's not me trying to get it right for my model as I am tied in knots.
  18. Yes my Firefox on my old Mac has lost all the images and functionality as well.
  19. I''m guessing a 1/32nd resin kit of the Viggen probably weighs about the same as a real one.
  20. You've done a cracking Pe-2 diorama here with lots of nice touches. The figures look great (never easy to paint 1/48) and the snow is very well done. Love it
  21. Not seen anything of the plastic pertaining to this kit. I will be surprised if this actually gets released in September.
  22. Can I dare to ask where you heard this rumour? Was it from a reputable source or from a drunk bloke in the pub?
  23. It has been said that Japanese model companies do seem to focus primarily on the Japanese market over everything else and to the rest of the world their kit releases can seem a tad surprising at times. There was a thread on here prior to the 1/48 F4 Phantom release and I don't think a single Britmodeller suggested that that would be their big news for 2021. I wonder if the official blog mentioned in the initial posting above was conducted with Japanese modellers only or if it was a worldwide poll. If 1/32nd is not currently in vogue over there then Tamiya, and possibly most other Japanese manufacturers are not going to waste their cash tooling that scale. I have no doubt though that we will still see 1/32nd kits released in the future.
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