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  1. I love it, cannot stop looking... Superb work with the glass masking. So clean. I wish there was some good model in 1/48 of 111...
  2. Great! Any comments about spraying itself and durability will be much appreciated.
  3. Would be great to read come comparison with alclad. Similar price, and i was about to buy batch of alclad colours.
  4. Thanks! I do not like "toning down the finish" part though. This article encourages NOT to secure alclad and decals: http://www.swannysmodels.com/Alclad.html
  5. MadYarpen

    Primer suggestions?

    I use Mr. surfacer 1200 as primer. After spraying it requires a little polishing with sandpaper (I use 2500 grading) and it is super smooth. I use leveling thinner - and a bottle is enough for 3-4 jet fighters in 1/72 scale. Plus lower Mr Surfacer grades can be used as liquid putty.
  6. sometimes it might be a good idea to add clear gloss to a clear paint - it makes it more transparent
  7. My wife got me P-47, in the pipeline there are also mustang and mig-21. All require part- or all- natural metal finish. I often see good models made this way. I wonder, how to make them this good. Standard paints allow to apply camo->acrylic clear gloss->decals->gloss again->oil/enamel pinwash and other oils etc. I will probably use alclads II since the choice of colours is quite big and I know the quality is good. There are some questions I'd like to ask. 1. Should I coat alclad with clear paint (clear gloss I assume)? how to apply decals? Directly onto alclad? Should I secure decals with another layer of clear? 2. How does alclad react to oil wash and white spirit? I tried it on model master metalizers and I cannot say it was a success - white spirit was washing away metalizer with the excess of the wash. 3. If oil washes are not good, should I look for something else? I was recommended a water wash - but I cannot find this kind of wash in Polish shops... Maybe I'll try to do a water wash myself - out of water, dishwashing fluid and paints used by kids in school (no idea how are they called in English;))? 4. The same questions as regards weathering. I guess what I'm trying to establish is how to make good natural metal finish, with wash and weathering, without loosing the natural metal look, using alclad (or maybe other metalizers are better - like gunze's super metallic). I do have sealer for metalizer from model master (and their metalizers). It looks ok but to be honest you loose "metal" look after spraying. It is good enough for exhausts, but to make a whole model this way - you could use reguar paint instead I think...
  8. thanks once again for explanation. Natural metal finishes scare me, and I want to have both Mig-21 from Polish air force and Mustang from WWII.
  9. And what about the decals? Are they straight on alclad? Any coat on the decals?
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