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  1. my browser (Opera) nearly had a heart attack when I clicked these links, citing all manner of nasties,abroad on Wundewaffe...so I came home.
  2. This also go's to the general perception of 'modelling' and models held by the public at large its a kids game and so even a moderate to low price times the expected hours to build will send the punter running simply because they dont think such a thing is worth that much. Its just an airfix kit like what they used to build on a saturday afternoon in half an hour and it turned out alright eh....... A hobby shop owner acquaintance once referred a young lady to me to build a model car for her boyfriend...(I dont do cars just aircraft and the odd target.) So I roughed out a rate and hours and got back to her with a price IIRC of around $200 Aus. "Chr*st I just want a model built not the bl*ody real thing mate" was her response. best of luck with the commission.
  3. I think I have a digital set of Biggles adventures omewhere on a hard drive. However there was also the extremely rare, only a dozen or so copies printed before it was withdrawn called "Biggles Flies Undone" apparently about his time in postwar Hamburg. Seriously to be honest I enjoyed more WE Johns' other series of books about the crew of a spaceship and their adventures around the galaxy . very much a foretaste of Star Trek. I've wondered at times if these stories were the inspiration. for the travels of the USS Enterprise. Certainly these books gave me a lifelong interest in Sci Fi
  4. I dunno...I dont rate its offspring Win 10 much either....too many updates for a start!
  5. Highly likely. My father joined up in 39, with the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry at Shrewsbury. Later on they were retrained as Artillery and he became a gunner/driver. In the meantime he served somewhere along the coast presumably on anti-invasion duties? before the KSLI were retrained as artillery on 25pdrs and eventually off to Normandy finishing up in Hamburg where he was transferred to an anti aircraft unit until demob in 1946 ! From that it looks like a soldiers lot was to be employed in many roles as needed.
  6. No it never got past wind tunnel test models. Kurt Tank (Focke Wulfs chief designer) developed the idea for the Argentinians post war and it is said to be the basis of the USSR's Mig15 .....Any markings will be fictitious so its wide open to the imagination!
  7. Well as I recall from many a Roden kit you'll probably need a new decal sheet anyway as Rodens are generally ...er...not good. Kit was a little bugger as well!
  8. My vote goes to the Academy kit partly because I had no end of bother with a Revell kit. Besides Monogram, Airfix did a B/C ....Hmmm heres a thought how about Airfix did a new mould B? theres plenty of options and versions along with strong connection to RAF ! Petition Airfix? count me in!
  9. No it just means that RLM 83 was misidentified as a green. Evidence provided in this thread now almost conclusively defines 83 as a dark blue and the misidentified green on Fw190D's etc as a variant of an existing green camo colour. Nothing changes except the addition of another colour in the RLM palette to confuse us all!
  10. Try this bloke Don Wheeler...he's the guru of airbrushes....https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/home Also have a look at the Iwata Neo entry level airbrush. I just bought one off ebay at a very good price. They are chinese made under contract to Iwata Anest. I got mine as a spare/backup and I am quite satisfied with it although I normally use an Iwata HP-CS or Badger 100. I have a few of those chinese knock offs that came with other kit usually and all need fettling or using for purposes other than modelling (eg spraying insecticide in hard to reach spots....)but you can be lucky occasionally. HTH John H, in tropical Brisbane...too hot to spray!
  11. I use a formula I got off the interwebs (so it must be good) Hot water with a drop of dishwashing liquid and a couple or three drops of white glue all stirred in. Theres no precise ratios just what seems right on the day. The dish wash helps to release the decals off the backing paper and the white glue helps as an extra adhesive. Usual process is to apply decals over a surface that has been gloss coated (most important) with your favourite clear finish, be it acrylic or whatever and using whatever you normally use for decal setting etc....micro system, Solvaset, future et al. Follow this at some point with a clear matt coat to seal it all in. Theres lots of help and advice on the webs, particularly YouTube. Some brands of decals may need reinforcing with a coat of liquid decal film or clear coating. Some are just rubbish and sometimes you get a sheet which is just plain useless. I have several sheets of ancient ESCI decals going back 30 + years...a prolonged soaking in hot water etc has resurrected them....mostly. HTH
  12. G'day. While I'm here ....The snake Stuka as a desert based aircraft should it have the squarish filter on the intake as well?. I cant see it in the cartoons or the few photos I have of the snake aircraft? Is this something else Airfix forgot or am I missing a sprue? Is it just me or did Airfix forget to include those stonkin big radios behinfd the pilot (along with some other black boxes in the cockpit? EDIT. Dont panic! I've just found them in step 41 ....how odd. JH .
  13. longweight

    Panel line wash

    Hi, I use both Tamiya acrylics etc and enamels. I keep a few tubes of ordinary el cheapo water colour paint handy. Dk brown, black and so on. I mix with a drop of dishwashing liquid and dilute with water to suit. The water colour fairly neutral with either medium and I use it on both flat and gloss finishes. Gloss would be better if all you want is a panel line, the tinting effect is better on matt. I recently used a dk brown mix on the fuselage of a Roden 1/72 Sopwith Camel and all 3 main colours came up nicely. HTH John H.
  14. Aha. Yes a callsign would make sense. I guess it was a refinement of the 'cab rank' system. I do seem to recall that whilst napalm has become associated with the USA it was originally 'invented' by a couple of Brits. Then again I've also read about CIA 'American Airlines' operatives mixing washing powder and avgas in 44 gallon drums for pushing out of cargo aircraft during the 'secret war' in Viet Nam and neighbouring places. Thanks all for clearing that up....I am partial to a spot of lime juice in my ale on the hot afternoons here in Queensland, Aus.
  15. G'day. Just re reading "Monty's Northern Legions" Patrick Delaforce. (My father served as a gunner in the artillery with 15th Scottish) In it he writes in the chapters about the 15th Scottish Div. that during the battle for the town of Goch in the lead up to the crossing of the Rhine the army was supported by "Typhoons with Limejuice" ? I'm guessing some form of Napalm as it was mentioned in conjunction with flamethrower tanks, but does anyone know what this Limejuice stuff is ? Google is strangely silent on this matter. My thanks in advance.
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