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  1. Particularly like the imperial guard sniper- is that one of the Tanith 1st models?
  2. Really nice little work here, just shows what can be achieved with 1/72 within a very manageable project size!
  3. Fantastic work on one of my all time favourite tanks, really nice and it's good to see the ACAV shield on the turret as well!
  4. Really like this work, always great to see armour models with a nice base to finish them off!
  5. Would love to see some kind of diorama around the Falklands- although there was never any direct armoured combat, there's an interesting variety of vehicles on the two sides ranging from Panhards on their side to Scorpions/Scimitars on ours, which did actually see combat in the fire support role.
  6. Very, very professional work here!
  7. Well that's certainly an interesting camo scheme, nice work!
  8. Thanks for all the good feedback chaps, really appreciate it! You can say that again, I came out of Economics Paper 4 a raving lunatic! After 4 essay subjects I wasn't sure my right hand would ever be able to hold a paintbrush again...
  9. So A levels were about as fun as I'd expected but now they've finished I've celebrated the start of the summer with this Tamiya Challenger 1 in Desert Storm scheme, built with the up-armoured skirts- it was a great kit that I have absolutely no complaints about, it also comes with a great commander figure that I have built and will at some point paint and place in the open hatch. Done mostly in Tamiya acrylics with Citadel washes for weathering. I tried to use the washes to build up a multi-shaded impression of sandy dirt on the hull. I believe the kit dates to the 80s originally, and is superbly detailed even regardless of the age- no complaints! Please bear in mind this is only my second ever armour build so please be gentle! Hope you like it. And with my first armour build, a Tamiya T72: -Flash
  10. Great review, looks like a really fun subject to do and must be very nasty to deal with in an urban combat environment!
  11. Superb work here, am having great fun with my russian interest watching this and the Scud build!
  12. There's a build of the Trumpeter Scud in the current issue of Military Modelcraft International- you may like to have a look at that for reference. Also, great work so far, following with interest!
  13. Great work so far, I'm currently working on the Tamiya challenger 1 so am looking forward to the painting stage!
  14. Really good work and weathering- I assume you applied the decals before weathering?
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