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  1. They carried an AN/ALQ-101(V)1 ECM pod on the right inboard pylon and an AN/ALQ-71(V)2 'Special' ECM pod on the left pylon.



    Thanks again...where did you get the info?....is your googlefu stronger than mine?....

  2. Four AIM-7E2, four AIM-9E, and two ECM pods, one under each inboard pylon.



    Tnx!, now where did I leave that Hase weapons set?

    which ecm pod btw?

    Before you spend big money on aftermarket, ask yourself if an item on the Academy kit absolutely, must be replaced.

    Steven Brown

    Scale Model Soup

    I have an original issue Hase...finally getting rond to finishing it, but the wheel wells are very barren, and I don't want to get bogged down again.

  3. can anybody confirm the Phantom in this pic is 463?


    I like the way the kill markings look rough and ready compared to all the sanitized PR versions it had later (and in most decal sheets).

    anybody have tips of finding reference of this particular frame online?

    and the loadout used on then 5th kill (migcap..???) just 4 sparrows and 4 sidewinders?

    so many questions.....

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