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  1. 9 hours ago, LooseSeal said:


    Hey, have you managed to find this kit for sale anywhere? I've been looking for a while. The only one I can find at a reasonable price is on a Chinese eBay store and I'm not sure whether to trust it or not.

    Sockelshop has some boxings left

    Korean and swift


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  2. 16 minutes ago, exdraken said:

    rather sure...

    labeled as Fulcum A, but is a 9.13








    do not get confused with the 9.19 really big spine variants, or even the M2/MiG-35 verions



    for comparison

    Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria only have 9.12 aircraft.

    Serbia has both for some time





    Ahhh, then it must be the 9.19 i used as reference...

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  3. 1 hour ago, Bish said:


    You should try ordering to the UK from France or Germany. £20 postage for a set of 72nd resin Stuka exhausts from Germany. Less than 20 all in from Poland.

    Strange,  I'm a regular with sockelshop and König, and shipping DHL is normally priced.

    Must a an outside of EU thing then....

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  4. 38 minutes ago, f111guru said:

    Hello All,

    Nice to see some additional resin updates in the wind. Resin update, conversion or the minor add on are great if your pocketbook can afford them. I do save my money for the odd update and get them when I can or don't have the full resources to scratch build. I did look on Hobby Easy website from Hong Kong. They list the new to be released early March. They list the full line of cockpits. I may or may not get an update cockpit. If I do it will be of the F-111D and FB-111A. The D had the MKII avionics system that moved some panels around in the cockpit and had 2 HUD's. The FB on the other hand am wondering if it's the updated SAC AMP upgrade or the basic cockpit. So I may or may not purchase those from Hobby Easy. If my thinking is near correct it won't make much of a difference where I get them from. The cost of shipping from the orient is high and the conversion rate from the pound to dollar and shipping from the UK is much the same. So once the product hits the US and the tariff added it all kind of equals out at times.


    But as far as the F-111 goes I don't mind scratch building the differences in the kit. I do take issue with trying to correct sever problems in the kit. Canopy and flaps come to mind.


    Everyone's comments above have their value and insight so I'll fall of my high horse and get back to business.


    All The Best,

    Ron VanDerwarker

    Why  not order from them direct?

    Their turnaround is quick.

  5. 11 hours ago, Space Ranger said:

    I wish more resin parts manufacturers would take the same approach to cockpits and do the complete fuselage section containing the cockpit. Too many of them produce dimensionally accurate cockpits that require modifying the interiors of the kits’ fuselage halves to fit, usually through laborious trial-and-error scraping/sanding/grinding of the plastic down to paper thinness. Are you listening, Aries?

    at the other end, we have underscale cockpits with walls 10cm or more, making it look more cramped than it really is/was.....

    you pays yer money and makes yer pick!

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  6. Thanks all for the suggestions.

    Lots to try out here.

    To show how 'nuts' I am....

    It annoys me the Masterclub stuff is all straight faces and lacking the distinctive angle on the top and bottom of a nut.

    A quick scrape on the corners will give a suitable illusion.

    I actually thought of @Jo NZ's suggestion  I use F360 and the McMaster Carr catalog is only a click away.

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