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  1. On 6/12/2022 at 6:22 PM, Des said:

    I have it , usual Warpaint format.


    P-51 is not especially an area of particularly great interest to me me so Warpaint content like those on other types that fall into that same general 'grey' area suits my needs.

    Might need a bit more than that...

    What IS the usual warpaint format 

  2. Since my ever shifting focus has shifted again....


    @FalkeEins is the french Francillon book the same as the 'P-82 TWIN MUSTANG & P-51 MUSTANG: In US Government Use, Racers, and Warbirds' ?

    This is a very confusing set of books, the one above is part III&IV.

    While the 'High spirited Mustang' is part I&II, but was published electronically, but can be bought 'print on demand' which has me wondering about quality, especially of images.

  3. Being an expert at 1+1=3 (or just of a nervous disposition)

    What is going on at the UK Alclad site?

    The site says 'under construction' and Modellbau König has a lot of their paints as discontinued....

    did I miss a memo somewhere?

  4. 20 minutes ago, Tbolt said:

    The P-51D Parts Catalog could be of some help though it might take a fair bit of work.


    So 44-15041 has the code DB next to all parts that are applicable to that airframe. 

    Had a quick peek.....😱

    Where to begin indeed!

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  5. Updated to a working link.

    I agree the correlation may have been a fluke, as you need the cockpit set to match the decal options. Then the -20 came out, and the only way to correlate that to the cockpit is if you have the original D kit, where the last few options are -20...


  6. 16 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    🤣🤣🤣 Tiring isn't it? I have been checking some of my references. Still no clear answer.

    Must admit though, the same guy gave an almost sensible answer to my query though....

    "I have to admit I have been almost sure you had the kit. The key for the correct set of the cockpit parts is the letter at the left top corner of each of page with the profiles of the P-51D coming with the kit. There are profiles marked with A,B,C,D,E,F..

    the profile A is for the P-51D-10 ... and this is the first line of the table of the alternate parts
    the profiles B and C are for P-51D-15 ... the second and third lines of the table
    the profile D,E,F are for P-51D-20 ... the fourth line of the table."


    I checked with their 04176 weekend edition P-51D-20, and it doesn't add up, as that kit has an 'A' option as well. (they recommend the set I have for this)
    they don't do a -20 cockpit (a -20 would still be a -15+?), but do have a -5 and F-6 set.
    curiouser and curiouser......

  7. 5 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    For the P-51 expert, Eduard can say we have given you all the options. For the rest of us, the escape clause "check your references".

    🤣 that is just what somebody told me on WW2AIRCRAFT.NET......


    The set is really, really nice, there are whisper thin supports on some of the handles and levers, with due care, they can even  be removed!

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  8. 2 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    But, I see what you mean 🙄


    P-51D Eduard Brassin options


    It is so nice for kit manufacturer's to provide us with all the options, covering everyone, but they need to start giving more information on what the options are for. Like Block numbers and changes in detail. They have done the research now tell us more. 



    This, AND the images in the instructions are labelled A, B, C, D as well!

    Was thinking my brain had gone until I realized they weren't related....🤯

    P-51D-15+ doesn't really cover it!

  9. 3 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    Maybe this helps:


    P-51D 19441120 Pilot Manual Cover


    P-51D IP


    P-51D Left Console


    P-51D Right Console


    The above may still be too late for you. You go a little earlier in time and you hit the A, B and C pilot manuals. 


    Also worth going onto Eduard's site and looking at the instruction downloads. It does give you a hint of their intentions in the plastic. For example my kit 82102 has options for Blocks 10, 15, and 20 aircraft. Their instructions show the sidewall options for the variation between Block 10 and 15 aircraft (labelled schemes A,B and C)  and Block 20 (labelled D, E and F) as follows:


    Eduard Sidewall Instructions


    You can also study their 'Look' instrument panels to see their proposed instrument panel variations differences if required. 


    Sorry not a definitive answer.



    Your '44 manual shows the same pic as the '45 manual, neither matches any of the configs of the EDU sidewall...

  10. Help!

    I'm looking for cockpit images of a -15, specifically the sidewalls.

    The Manual I have is from 1945, and has later version cockpit pics.

    I'm looking for a manual that has images from a -15, specifically the cockpit sidewalls.


    added side quest...

    any way to find out what spec a mustang was built with?

    44-15041 Petie 3rd.


    I have the Eduard kit, with their Brassin cockpit.

    They give three possible configs for a D-15+, but do not tell you what the boxes etc are...😒

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