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  1. made the same comment on FB, they responded that a full engine was in their future plans....there is hope!
  2. was any Phantom like work needed on the intakes?
  3. That engine seems a bit disappointing, with the cylinders cast together and the simplified exhaust. No chance of leaving the cowlings off then....
  4. Got the vol.19 of the book. Already knew about the V/Nesher history. Apparently the aircraft in museums that started as Neshers have lots(all?) Parts with Dassault data plates. My obsessive impulsiveness now wants the whole lineage....
  5. Not me mate, saw the work on FB, guys website is in the link
  6. ordered a F-16A original boxing from Japan through 'bay....with shipping as it is and the holidays coming up, I'm not holding my breath! Gives me time to research anyway!
  7. Normally, this *punk (warpunk?) Is not my thing, but this Fledermaus really hits the spot! https://www.andigomodels.com/
  8. Thank pm incoming, has she been updated in any visible way?
  9. Use the bottom part of an F-16 tail?
  10. Do any of the Hase kits contain the 'old' parts? I see some backdate parts on scalemates as a plan b.
  11. Afaik these were block -10 aircraft, and the Hase 1/48 kit should be what's needed, but they are unobtanium atm. Would any 'small everything' (tail, rudder base, intake) version do? Ate there alternatives (Kinetic?) @dov you seem to be resident Heyl Ha'Avir expert?
  12. I must say, that based on Sergey(Vectors)drawing I will be adding some styrene to the nose.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/199580628005495/posts/549702262993328
  14. aviation megastore is actually local to me (everything in NL is really...). I use it the same way as you do, a last resort, as they do seem to have a lot of NOS.
  15. This the series you mean? I read a bit os spanish, and have friends in AR, so might be able to get it.
  16. Any good online/hardcopy references on Falkland era machines? I have a few Mirage books that have a chapter on the war, but they are very generic. Looking for FAA specific mods, quirks, etc.
  17. Brave man, tackling this Protar oldie! They never were good kits, even in their day.
  18. oh....well, always a new skill to learn!
  19. do none exist? specifically GR.3 and FRS.1 for the kinetic offering.
  20. Some quick voodoo by the webmaster fixed it!
  21. Not quite the leg being encased, look here: https://j-aircraft.com/research/ryan/tailwheel/tail_wheel_well_cover_on_the_a6m.htm A canvas cover was attached to the legs at the two strips that are on the resin bits. Most of the canvas is behind/above the actual wheel and attached to the wheel well edges
  22. Something similar as on the Phantoms? Strips of metal in strategic places?
  23. Since Scalemates has updated, the whole site has gone dutch! As I am Dutch I assumed it was my profile setting, but that didn't help.... I prefer the site in English as the Dutch is auto translated and thus bears no relation to actual written Dutch. Any other non UK members have the same problem?
  24. this is the intake up to the engine: could the intake in the splitter be something like that?
  25. I stand corrected.....dunno where the kevlar came from...even coremans says its fibreglass.....
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