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  1. just noticed this topic...building this atm, how are you getting on?

    one really troublesome parte is the wing, it needs shimming on the inside to get the upper surfaces up to the fuselage, this will aslo get rid of the pancake look the top surfaces have......this creates big holes though in the main wheel wells, i'm filling them up with scrap card (very tedious), but may go with resin wheel wells for the second one.

    do NOT fit the cockpit/wheelwell assembly to the cockpit side, leave loose while joining the front fuselage halves, and then centre the wheelwell (mine is a little crooked)

  2. Hi,

    Time to start a wip on this one.

    it's a Heller kit which will be engraved, have some pe added by Eduard, decals by Isra, and some resin from a damaged IIIE transkit by god knows who.


    addes some plastic to bring the upper wingsurface up so it matches the fuselage



    filling up the created holes....


    the nose bit, you can see the damage on the cockpit sides on the resin one, so I hacksawed off the aft part of the cockpit and made it fit.....

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