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  1. 25 minutes ago, FinnAndersen said:

    Not to rain on your parade, but your nice work illustrates that the Allison mustang has the higher fuselage of a Merlin engined, which is not quite correct. Compare with the first picture.


    It makes the conversion much easier, but largely unnecessary. Model companies, take note of this! 





    Nope, compared the two fuselages  the P-51A has the wing mounted higher than the P-51B has ( have not measured, just lined up), so AM got it right.


    quick compare of the nose cones. taped together , upper edge aligned.

    Lighter colour is the P-51A




  2. 1 hour ago, rogerhunt said:

    You’re not wrong. Bugger, that complicates things. 

    Not really, just a few squares of card needed with correct sized holes.

    If you want full magazines get some aftermarket 75mm spent shells.

    Also I do 't remember if Takom includes the tow hitch unique to DEMAG A's.

    The hitch is on the sprues, just not mentioned in the instructions. (D2, part 13)

  3. Oh, and this Panther is (so far) the only one I have seen with the ammo 'upside down'.

    Even queried the Wheatcroft collection about it and they showed me the unrestored ammo bin they used as a pattern.

    This still makes me wonder is Ausf.D's would have this as well.

    Why would DEMAG have modified this?

  4. 4 hours ago, exdraken said:

    Uprise might simply print one for you! I think they were custom printed

    I had good experience with them!


    Oooohhhh, everything crossed then!


    2 hours ago, GiampieroSilvestri said:

    Syhart decals makes a sheet with the markings for the 75th anniversary of the return of the RC2/30 Normandie Niemen to France.


    https://www.syhartdecal.fr/references.php?lang=ENG&ref=Syhart 133&page=description





    Noticed that too  even got my hopes up....but the red star scheme is sooooo over the top, I just can't resist!

  5. According to scalemates, Authentic and Uprise made them...around 2014...😔

    Will send off an email to Hobbyterra, already sent one to Uprise.

    Might also ask if @Syhart has plans....

  6. 12 hours ago, hopkp said:

    Couldn't agree more, the poor, bedraggled WW2 horse has now been well and truly flogged to death several times over. What about a few decent kits of 1950s/1960s jets from Eduard done to its current standards for a change?

    Yes!!!, we modelers have the right to.......oh wait, no we dont!

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  7. Do not want the X, just the XP-51B.

    I like the B look with the 'high' wing.

    Just noticed I used the wrong pic for the XP-51B, the  bottom aircraft has an earlier radiator intake.

    Had a look at the AM/Academy P-51A and B. Seems the way they are set up, it would at least save me cutting off a nose.

  8. Would taking a perfectly good B/C, cutting off its nose and intake along the engraved lines.

    Then doing the same with a perfectly good A and replacing these with the B/C bits get me close to the final 


  9. 5 hours ago, Paul Thompson said:

    The Aviationmegastore, near Schiphol. They currently list 383 products under that brand.



    Yup, but not those, and a bit vague about when they will be in stock.

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