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  1. Dare I ask you for the angles of the front half of the frame?

    I'm looking for the vertical side tubes, as I'm trying to solder a frame in 1/32.

    I have a drawing from a book, that gives diameters and lengths, but it's omitted the angles and I've no proper way of measuring. 

  2. 14 hours ago, RJP said:

    Postage is a common complaint but the effect can be ameliorated somewhat. 


    Individual items don't weigh much, you are mostly paying for attention from the postal services so it is possible to depress the unit cost by buying multiple items.  One retailer I like suggests getting together with a couple of friends to buy in bulk.  Yes, it increases his sales but also saves a few bucks.  He assumes, rather kindly, that I have friends.


    I recently ordered several decal sheets from Hannants.  The three sheets came to less than 22 pounds (no VAT on exports) but postage was another 11 pounds international signed.  Was it worth it?  Yes, it was to me.  A special purchase to clear some of the stash and I really didn't need anything else.


    I can say that Ultracast sets a fine example for customer service.  In fact, before I finally retired I had a gig teaching customer service and routinely cited them as an example of how things ought to be done.  Quick, efficient and friendly.


    My kinda guy!

    Solves postage by ordering more....

  3. On 2/19/2023 at 11:07 AM, Phil1960 said:

    Thank you. I found this Atak zimmerit for Panther A late. It looks good.





    They do zimmeritt for all the different factories, so check references for the tank you're building. 

  4. 2 hours ago, ColonelKrypton said:


    Good idea.  I noted your earlier comment on pickling liquid.  Why dilute the cleaning vinegar 50/50 and not use it as is?


    Pickle is used by jewellers for cleaning oxides and flux off of soldered pieces. Also used by those building small working model steam engines and locomotives for basically the same reason - removing surface scale ( oxides ) and flux after soldering. There is a wide variety of pickle to choose from, a number of commercial products and numerous home made variations as well. Typically kept in something like an old crock pot in order to warm the pickle which makes it much more effective. You might find the cleaning vinegar more effective if placed in a bath of warm to hot water. 


    In your use the cleaning vinegar is probably not only helping by cleaning the surface of the brass but also etching it slightly which would provide a bit tooth for the following bluing step. 


    cheers, Graham


    No real reason really, it was what was mentioned on one of the many pages I encountered in my search. 

  5. Psa: do not forget your PE in the blueing solution  it turns to dust....


    Second attempt went better though.

    2 min in 50/50 cleaning vinegar


    1 min in Birchwood casey 'brass black' 50/50 with demineralised water

    Rinse and let dry.

    Smooth looking finish, could be rubbed with a soft cloth, eventually shows darkish brass.

    Trying the 'blue' version for steel next.

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